JSF is the most effective tool to help students afford Juniata now.

Many Juniatians remember receiving financial assistance through "The Juniata Grant" or "Juniata Grant-in-Aid." Those funds were provided through generous annual gifts from alumni and friends of the College. The Juniata Scholarship Fund (JSF) is our current annual giving campaign and is considered the highest priority giving at Juniata. Gifts received through JSF are directed first to need-based scholarship support for academically qualified students. This is our way to continue Juniata’s extraordinary liberal arts tradition for today’s students.

Until our endowment is large enough to help every student afford Juniata, the Juniata Scholarship Fund helps make up the difference.

  • The Juniata Scholarship Fund provides around $1 million annually to help more than 500 students.
  • It would take $20 million in endowment investments to match the impact of the Juniata Scholarship Fund.
  • The fund is so important that the College has reserved the President's Circle for those who make an annual Juniata Scholarship Fund gift equal to or greater than the value of a single scholarship, or $2,500.

Participation assists Juniata in:

  • Growing our reputation through higher rankings
  • Receiving corporate and foundation grants
  • Improving our campus
  • Participating in outstanding research opportunities
  • Developing new programming

Become a member of the President's Circle with your leadership gift to the Juniata Scholarship Fund.