President Troha

"Each year more than 500 students enjoying the Juniata experience are here because of support provided through the Juniata Scholarship Fund. Every gift to JSF goes directly to assisting a student who demonstrates great financial need and, more importantly, shows great promise. The average award from the Juniata Scholarship Fund is $2,500. Each gift of that size or greater ensures that one talented student will have the chance to become more fully the person they are meant to be. And that's what Juniata is all about."

-James A. Troha, President

Members of the President's Circle understand that there is no greater gift than the gift of education.

A President's Circle gift for the current giving year is $2,500.

President's Circle Membership is given to those who provide gifts to the Juniata Scholarship Fund (JSF) that are equal to or greater than the value of one average student scholarship. Providing need-based support to academically qualified students is an important way to accomplish this and is considered priority giving at Juniata.

Together we are changing lives.