The following information details necessary steps to be taken by employees and department supervisors in order to ensure departures are processed as efficiently as possible. Human Resources is dedicated to providing the employee with timely information relative to departures, and supporting department supervisors in the process, and prompt notification to campus regarding exiting employees.

Exiting employees may contact Human Resources for any benefits related questions. In addition, information to assist the employee in their departure follows:

Benefit Continuation

Insurance continuation forms for your COBRA coverage will be sent to you. You may continue your coverage for up to 18 months by returning your forms and paying the applicable monthly premium. If you are currently enrolled, you will be eligible to participate in the following programs: medical, vision care and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Upon receipt of the forms, please return one copy of the COBRA forms indicating whether or not you wish to continue your coverage. If you would like to convert your group life or voluntary AD&D to an individual policy, please contact our Benefits Coordinator at extension 3187 for assistance.

Retirement Plan

Your TIAA Retirement Annuity will remain intact unless you request a cash payment for your accumulation. In order to receive cash, you must call TIAA directly at 1-800-842-2776 and request a TIAA cash withdrawal form.

Departure Procedures

Department Supervisors

When employee informs you of their departure:

Check Box Notify Director of Human Resources.
Check Box Instruct employee to provide formal letter to Human Resources if they have not already done so.
Check Box Review vacation taken by employee and share information with Human Resources.
Check Box Please review the hiring process page on the Human Resources website and take the necessary actions if you would like the position refilled.

Before employee last day:
Check Box Confirm that the following items are returned, as per requested in writing by HR.
    ___ Keys
    ___ Technology (laptop, iPad, software, phone)
    ___ Library materials
    ___ P-card
    ___ Gold Card
    ___ Miscellaneous College-issued items

Check Box Assure that employee knows user/email account access will terminate on their departure day.
Check Box Confirm that employee has archived elsewhere any emails or files previously saved on Juniata's network that they are entitled to take with them.  Contact Human Resources if additional access is needed to accounts after employee's last day.
Check Box If employee has an iPad or cell phone, please be sure they remove any access codes that may prevent the technicians from being able to access the device to reset it. It is recommended that they reset the device before returning it so that it no longer has connections to their email or any data stored on it.
Check Box If they have an encrypted drive, please be sure they unlock the encryption after removing sensitive data from the device.
Check Box Confirm that employee Release of Information form has been returned to the Human Resources Office.

Human Resources

When official resignation letter is received:   

Departure Survey

Information Release Form