This page will provide you with information regarding the hiring process for Faculty, Administrators and Support Staff, and the support that is provided by the Office of Human Resources.

Search Process

To Request New Positions or Fill Vacant Positions:

All positions are now accepting applications via our online applicant tracking system. Candidates will be required to create a profile and submit resumes, cover letters, and other application materials via this website. Hiring managers and search committee members will be given access to use the website to view applicant materials.

Ads will be placed by Human Resources. Candidates will receive acknowledgement emails when they apply online.

You will be responsible to make all arrangements for the interviews on campus. Please include time for each candidate to interview with the Director of Human Resources. Since Human Resources has the responsibility for the recruiting budget, arrangements for interviews should be discussed with the Director of Human Resources prior to inviting candidates to campus.

Billing statements and on-campus charges should be directed to the Office of Human Resources. Here and below are links to the Guidelines for Recruiting Expenses incurred during the interview process, along with a link to the Reimbursement for Meals During Interviews form. If there is a question about transportation costs, etc., or if there is a legitimate reason that expenses may exceed the guidelines, please discuss it with the Director of Human Resources prior to the campus visit. 

Once the appointment has been made, Human Resources will close the job and the other candidates will receive emails notifying them that the job has been filled.

In order to clarify the process, we have also included links below to Checklists For Hiring indicating your responsibilities.

Hiring Process

In order for a Letter of Employment to be processed for the successful candidate by Human Resources, an online Authorization for Letter of Employment should be completed by the hiring manager and submitted to the VP/President for signature.  Once approved, the VP/President will forward to either Karla Wiser (if the position is grant-funded) or to Human Resources. Please note that the Letter of Employment will not be prepared until the Background Verification Process is complete. 

For planning purposes, please note that the official date of hire provided on the authorization should allow for receipt of Background Verification results (usually 7-10 working days), and mailing of the Letter of Employment. 

Finally, for Administrative and Support Staff positions, you should provide Human Resources with an updated Job Description for the position which will be posted to our web site and included in the New Hire Orientation Process. 

If you have questions at any time during the process, please call extension 3195 or email

Faculty/Administrative Staff Forms: 

Support Staff Forms:

Other Helpful Forms:

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