What is the Equity Investment?

Students may secure up to a $15,000 equity investment. This investment is made in the form of a loan in which repayment is not required until the students are no longer full-time at Juniata. Repayment with interest is due at predetermined intervals but may be deferred for up to two years beyond graduation, as determined by the JCEL Board. At its discretion, JCEL may elect to take equity/ownership of up to 2% for each $1,000 invested instead of loan repayment. If the student follows the business abstract approved by the JCEL Board and fails to realize profit, the JCEL Board may take any business asset as repayment in full and forgive the obligation of the student entrepreneurs. Return on these investments are used to replenish the Student Seed Capital Fund, to be again invested with future Juniata student entrepreneurs.

What is the application process?

1. Students may apply at anytime.

2. Students schedule a meeting with JCEL Director.

3. Students work with JCEL in developing a business abstract for submission. The business abstract should address the following: product/service, target market, competition, marketing and sales strategy, operations, management team and projected financial statements (including income statement, balance sheet and cash flow). Note: Students may be encouraged to engage in a Next Step Fellowship depending upon the completeness and viability of the business abstract submitted for consideration.

4. JCEL Seed Capital Committee reviews business abstract.

5. Student presents overview of plan to JCEL Seed Capital Committee or JCEL Board - students may work with JCEL in preparing for presentation.

6. JCEL Seed Capital Committee or JCEL Board makes funding decision.

7. JCEL Equity Investment/Loan Agreement executed.