Primary College Logo

We are proud to introduce a new logo for the College, which will be our primary visual identifier in all of our printed and electronic communications and marketing, signage, banners, and all other instances where the College needs to be identified. The complete and full version of our logo consists of an illustration, the College name, our location (Pennsylvania), and the year of our founding (1876).

The Story of Our Logo

The Story of Our Logo

The logo uses the College’s colors, made official in 1902: Yale Blue and Old Gold.

Juniata College

There will be contexts in which, for reasons of size or proportional constraints, the complete and full version of our logo will not reproduce well. We expect that every effort will be made to adjust context or situation to accommodate the full logo, and users can and should contact the marketing department for assistance in doing so. However, in what we expect to be very rare situations, a type-only version of our logo may be used. It should appear using only one color. While the type block can be used on its own, the illustration from our logo may never appear separate from the type block.