A conversation on growth and change in the transition to college

The transition from home and high school to campus and college coursework is challenging. Students are challenged to balance new freedoms and responsibilities, asked to navigate and entirely new geography and culture, and apply strategies for academic, social and personal well-being. It can be exhausting and overwhelming, for sure!  

It takes efforts from students, from college faculty and staff, as well as parents and families to help connect students to resources and opportunities that will facilitate a successful transition. Over the course of the fall semester, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Matthew Damschroder will cohost a series of webinars alongside Juniata sophomore D’Avian Clayton.  Through conversations with faculty and staff guests, parents and families will be: informed about developmental milestones in the first year of college; made aware of challenges and opportunities that students’ might be encountering on campus; and equipped with guidance for how students can take full advantage of the experiences and supports available to them. 

You are invited to join us Wednesdays at 7 PM (Eastern) to learn about your students’ Juniata journey, to ask questions and get answers, and stay in touch as the semester unfolds; Each webinar requires a separate registration - please use the links below. If you can’t join the livestream, the video captures will be posted on Youtube (and below) following each webinar. 


September 11 - Guests Erin Paschal, Assistant Dean of Students, and Celia Cook-Huffman, Assistant Provost and Director of QUEST discussed getting introduced to campus, grounded in classes, and part of the community. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented our ability to share a recording of this webinar.

September 18 - Revisit this youtube rebroadcast of our episode where guest Jonathan Reveley-Cohen, Juniata's Lead College Counselor shared thoughts and reflections on managing the stress of change and transition from high school to college. Abigail Candalor, Assistant Director of Residential Life, and Calvin Bembry, Residential Life Coordinator, shared insight on students' residential experiences and roommate relationships, and Naomi Frey, President of the Juniata Activities Board, discussed the social life on campus and ways for students to become and stay involved and entertained.

September 25 - This week's episode recording explored the classroom environment, and the differences that students are discovering between high school and college expectations, pace, norms and relationships. We will also explore the first-year curriculum, and the ways that student are intentionally engaged with skills and knowledge that will prepare them for courses and content to follow.

October 2 - This week's episode discussed the ways that students are supported in moments of concern and distress, and expored the ways that students grow and develop as people. Dr. Marita Gilbert, Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusive Excellence, contributed to our discussion of what we know about the theory and experience of students in the critical college years. We will welcomed Deans Cook-Huffman and White to discuss the role of the Dean of Students in helping students solve problems and manage challenges.

October 9 - Our fifth episode arrives as students begin the process for planning their spring courses, and Assistant Provost Celia Cook-Huffman helped to demystify the academic advising process and course registration. Prof Cy deVries also joined the conversation to unpack the ways that students discover, engage and celebrate difference in culture and experience on campus.

October 15 - In this week's episode, we invited Tracie Patrick, Director of Financial Planning, and Lauren Perow, Bursar, to discuss spring semester and financial planning as families receive and plan for Spring term charges. 

October 23 - In this week's episode, we were joined by Celia Cook-Huffman, Assistant Provost, Sarah Worley, Associate Professor of Communication and Director of Service Learning, Tammy Stuber, Assistant Director of Career Services. Together, we continued the conversation that started last week about high impact practices with discussions of internships and community service and engagement opportunities, and how we help students think ahead to how they fit in the amazing opportunities offered to them.

Then in part 2, Kati Csoman, Dean of International Education helped us explore some of the meaningful educational experiences (high impact practices) like study abroad that are essential for students to meet their aspirations and our expectations.

November 6 - To be successful, students need to practice self-care and attend to their health and wellness. We will explore pro-active and responsive ways for students to access health supports. And we will close out the webinar series with a visit from President Troha who will share perspective and information about the path ahead for the college, and his own experience as a parent of college-aged students.