The First Two Weeks

If you have incurred a temporary impairment, injury, or medical condition (this includes a concussion) that will impact your living and/or learning for a time period of two weeks or less please contact the Dean of Students Office. While it is important for you to communicate directly with your faculty whenever possible, the Dean of Students can notify your instructors on your behalf and request consideration for two weeks following your temporary impairment. 

If Temporary Impairment Persists Beyond Two Weeks

  1. Complete an application in Student Accessibility Services (SAS): Application for Accommodations Request
  2. The Director from the SAS office will contact you about your application to set up consultation time.
  3. In the consultation, the Director of Student Accessibility Services will help you identify the appropriate temporary accommodations you need and then explain the process for receiving those determined accommodations.
  4. An expiration date will be set up in consultation according to expected end date for temporary accommodations.
  5. If the condition persists past original expected date, you should reach out to the Student Accessibility Services to consider next steps. Note: extending the temporary time period or establishing eligibility for permanent accommodations may require additional documentation.
Additional Information Related to Concussions
  • If you have not already been evaluated for a concussion, contact Health Services for an evaluation. If this concussion was incurred through athletics, your trainers are qualified to make an initial evaluation.
  • Typical consideration for concussed students includes: excused class absence, limited screen time, limited reading, or allowing extra time for tests or assignments to be completed but you should communicate with your instructors regarding your specific needs.
  • You will need to schedule follow-up concussion evaluations with Health Services or the Athletic Trainers.