An application for admission consists of the components listed below. Credentials that are reviewed include: high school academic record, standardized test results or graded papers, completed application form including evidence of extracurricular involvement, recommendation letter(s), and a personal essay. The Dean of Enrollment may use discretion in waiving any requirement for good cause, placing in the record for the admitted student the basis for the waiver.

Secondary School Academic Records

A secondary school program will normally consist of at least 16 college preparatory courses completed or anticipated from an approved public, private, or parochial school.  These courses should demonstrate adequate grounding and academic performance in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities and the appropriate level of proficiency in the English language to be a successful college student. 

A complete secondary school transcript must be sent from an official at the student’s school, noting all courses taken and grades received for at least three years. A listing of courses to be taken in the current year should accompany this transcript and grades from the first marking period and/or the first semester should be sent when they become available. Upon graduation, students must submit a final secondary school transcript or official equivalent documentation standard for their country of origin noting graduation date with an original signature of the appropriate official at the student’s school.

Standardized Test Results

Results of the Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT-I) taken within the last two years are required. The American College Test (ACT), may be substituted for the SAT-I. Applicants whose native language is not English also must provide results of a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or scores from an approved English language program. International applicants whose native language is English or who have studied wholly in an English speaking high school are required to submit an SAT/ACT score. All other international students are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores but should still submit TOEFL (or similar) results. SAT-II: Subject Tests are not required but may be submitted for admission consideration. Students may also choose to participate in Juniata's Optional Standardized Test Program.  Students may submit two graded papers in lieu of submitting SAT or ACT scores. 

Application Form and Fee

Juniata uses the "Common Application" and the "Universal Application." Application forms may be obtained from the Enrollment Center, the Juniata website, or at or The application requires a listing of extracurricular activities in both school and community, guidance counselor or teacher letter(s) of recommendation, Juniata Supplement form and an essay which answers one of the essay questions listed in the application for admission.  

The applicant should complete the form and return it to the Enrollment Center. Payment of US $30.00 must accompany the application. This non-refundable fee covers part of the cost of processing the application. The application fee is waived if the student applies on-line and may be waived as part of other special promotions.

Admission Standards

The conditions most likely to result in a decision to deny a student are a grade point average (GPA) of less than 3.0 as adjusted for grading standards in the student’s home country.  This is most likely when the GPA has not shown signs of improvement in recent semesters; and when college preparatory courses have not been attempted or the student has earned grades of C or less in the college preparatory courses.  The College recognizes that all international secondary school instruction is not created equal.  Therefore, students whose GPA is obtained from schools known to have high standards may be admitted, when students with a similar GPA from high schools known to be less rigorous may be denied or admitted only through the Supported Admit program.   Scores on standardized tests may be considered in combination with the GPA in making an admission decision.  Additionally, students must submit proof of English proficiency.  An internet based TOEFL (iBT) score of 80 (or equivalent) is required for full admission to the degree program.  An iBT score of 42 (or equivalent) is required for Conditional English Language admission.  Finally, students who need a student visa are required to submit adequate proof of financial support (as required by U.S. Law) before the College can issue an I-20 form.

Admission Committee

The Admission Committee will consist of the three most senior members of the Enrollment staff.  The Dean of Enrollment or their designee shall convene the committee as necessary to review applications that fail to meet one or more of the Admission Standards.  Applicants approved by a majority vote of the Committee may be admitted.