The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the administration of the recruiting budget line.

It is important for candidates to have a positive experience while interviewing on campus while still being a good steward of the College’s resources.

All charges for recruiting expenses must be approved by the Director and reimbursement of expenses will be made upon submission of appropriate original itemized receipts to that office.  For meals, a list of attendees must accompany the receipt.

In order to help maintain control of this account, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. Reasonable travel expenses will be paid for faculty and administrative candidates.  Candidates should be encouraged to use the most economical method of travel which meets the needs of the College and the candidate.  It is recommended for the candidate to use Kish Travel to make travel arrangements.  Kish Travel invoices the College directly for the travel expense.
  2. Ground transportation to and from airports should be provided by the College, ie, member of the search committee or through the transportation office.
  3. Overnight accommodations for the candidate (and spouse if applicable) will be provided in Baker House, if possible, and will be provided only during the interview visit.  Costs for overnight accommodations for any other purpose will not be approved from the recruiting budget.
  4. Meals will be provided during a candidate's visit to campus as follows:

a.  The number of persons for meals should be limited to the candidate (and spouse if applicable), and persons directly involved in the interview process. The number of College persons should not exceed four (4) in most instances without prior approval of the Vice President and the Director of Human Resources.

The average cost per person including gratuities should not exceed:        

Breakfast         $13.00

Lunch               $18.00

Dinner              $32.00

b.  Some meals should be taken in Ellis College Center if possible.

Any charges which exceed the guidelines listed above will be considered a departmental or personal charge to the individual responsible for the arrangements.

Approved by Administrative Unit 11/19/90

Updated 2003, Updated by SLT 2016