Time Tracking: Students are required to use the Kronos on-line time keeping system to track hours. Students are permitted to work up to 70 hours in a four week pay period or 87.5 hours in a five week pay period. First year students are limited to 17.5 hours per week. Upperclassmen in good academic standing may work up to 25 hours per week, but still may not go over the monthly maximum. Juniata policy also prohibits students from working in excess of 40 hours per week during extended breaks. Supervisors will review and approve time worked through Kronos, after the student has approved his/her time. Approvals must be completed by the first business day of every month.  If the approval is submitted after this date, the student will not be paid until the next month.

Direct Deposit of Payroll: Students working for the College will be required to have an account with a financial institution that accepts ACH (Automated Clearing house) electronic deposits. This account need not be with a local financial institution. Net payroll earnings will be credited to the student's account via this system. Students must provide a voided check or deposit ticket with the imprint of micro-magnetic encoding numbers. IF YOU HAVE CHANGED BANKS YOU MUST COMPLETE A NEW DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST PAY! If your direct deposit change falls within the period in which you are to be paid, your first pay will be a check. All pays following the initial change will be directly deposited into you financial institution.Distribution of student pay advices will be on the second Thursday of the month with the pay date being the second Friday of each month. Only one pay advice per pay period is prepared regardless of the number of jobs worked during the pay period.

Withholding Taxes: The following are explanations of taxes, which are applicable to student wages:

SOCIAL SECURITY TAX: Under Section 3121(b)(10) of the Internal Revenue Code services performed in the employ of a school, college or university are an exception to the definition of 'employment' for FICA tax purposes if this service is performed by a student and regularly attending classes at the school, college or university. Once the student has ceased attending classes the FICA exemption no longer applies.
FEDERAL INCOME TAX: he Tax Reform Act of 1986 revised the "EXEMPT" status used by students in prior years. If a student can be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return (for example, his/her parents) or he/she has any non-wage income such as interest earned from a savings account, the student cannot claim the "EXEMPT" on the 1998 W-4 form. Students filing EXEMPT must complete a new W-4 by February 15th of each calendar year. When filing EXEMPT all W-4's must be forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service by the employer.
PENNSYLVANIA STATE INCOME TAX: Effective July 1, 1992, 2.8% of gross wages must be withheld from student wages earned while attending school in Pennsylvania. Residents of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana and New Jersey will be exempt from withholding of state tax, provided the student completes form REV-420, "EMPLOYEES STATEMENT OF NON-RESIDENCE IN PENNSYLVANIA" available in the Office of Human Resources.
LOCAL WAGE TAX: The local government levies a 1% tax on the earnings of all residents of Huntingdon Borough. The Wage Tax Collector has indicated that we are not required to deduct this tax from student employees who are not residents of the Huntingdon Area School District. Students who would like to have the tax withheld must complete the appropriate tax form.
OCCUPATIONAL PRIVILEGE TAX: This tax of $10.00 per calendar year is levied by the Huntingdon Borough/School District on any person engaged in an occupation within the limits of the borough/school district who will earn $2,000 or more per calendar year.
NON-RESIDENT ALIEN STUDENTS: All non-resident alien students employed by Juniata College and claiming a tax exemption under treaty must complete form 8233. This form must be returned t the payroll department at least 15 days prior to the students first pay. The forms may be obtained in the Accounting Office in Stone House.