The Bioethics secondary emphasis will prepare students in Biology, Health Professions, and related areas, to resolve perplexing yet inescapable ethical dilemmas through the acquisition of essential conceptual and ethical frameworks

The Bioethcis secondary emphasis form is signed by the chair of the Philosophy Department.

Bioethics secondary Required courses (11 credits)

Course Number and Title Credits Prerequisites Distribution

PL 105 Intro. to Logic OR PL 208 Symbolic Logic

3 FYC Both H,WK-FR

PL235 Ethics of Health Care OR Connections Course (in development)

PL 250 Science and Human Values OR PL 260 Philosophy of Science 4 FYC Both H, CTGES; PL 260 is WK-H; PL 260 is under review for WK-H designation

Bioethics secondary Elective courses (7 credits)

Course Number and Title  Credits Prerequisites Distribution
CA 270 Infectious Disease and Society 3 FYC CA,CTGES,WK-SP
HS 313 Disease, Medicine and Empire 3 FYC CA,I,H,CTGES
HS 314 Medieval Medicine 3 FYC IC,CTGES
IC 203 Genomics, Ethics and Society 4 FYC IC
PL 205 Ancient Philosophy 4 FYC H,CW
PL 270 Ethical Theory 4 FYC SW-ER under review
PL 304 Existentialism 4 FYC, one prior PL course H, CW
RU 275 Medicine and Literature 4 FYC CA,I,H,CW,CTGES,SW-ER