1.) Overall cumulative GPA of 3.33 (B+) at the time of department evaluation for the distinction (usually toward the end of spring semester of senior year).

2.) Philosophy cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the time of department evaluation for the distinction.

3.) Finish at least 12 courses of philosophy (or at least 36 credits) at graduation.

4.) By the end of the junior year, submit a letter of intention to the chair to apply for the distinction in philosophy.

5.) Complete the senior seminar with a high quality senior thesis with two faculty members serve as readers. A public presentation of the thesis must be scheduled and completed before the end of the senior year (this can be at Liberal Arts Symposium, NCUR or announced on campus – the public is to be invited).

6.) The department members will vote to decide whether to give the student distinction in philosophy based on the above requirements. The department determination will be submitted to the Registrar at the end of the senior year.