Professor Roberts advising a student at Juniata College

POEs (Majors) in Philosophy

Designated POE (Major) in Philosophy

To the students who have keen interest in philosophy, the Philosophy Department supports three curricular options to meet their needs:

Enhance An Existing POE via an Individualized POE in Philosophy and Another Area of Study

To the students who want to take some substantial portion of philosophy courses either to enhance their existing POE in any area of study or just for their intellectual enjoyment, in addition to fairly standard introductory courses, the department develops offerings of special interest to students in such diverse areas as religious studies, politics, physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, environmental science and studies, economics and business, and peace and conflict studies. Students seeking more specialized professional training in philosophy may pursue individual, upper-level tutorials and independent studies with members of the philosophy faculty. 

Secondary Emphasis (Minor) in Philosophy

Philosophy as a Secondary Emphasis

Other Opportunities