Secondary Emphasis in Education

Faculty in the Education Department support students who may want to work with youth in some capacity but outside of the public school system. Students may want to pursue a Secondary Emphasis in Education to complement their Program of Emphasis. For example, students with a Program of Emphasis in Psychology could include a Secondary Emphasis in Education entitled Psychology with a Secondary Emphasis in Education.

Students wishing to add a Secondary Emphasis in Education must take the following core courses in Education.

  • ED 110 and ED 111 Foundations of Education (3) and Foundations of Education Practicum (1)
  • ED 120 and ED 121 Child Development (3) Child Development Laboratory (1)
    or ED 130 Adolescent Development (3)
  • ED 240 Introduction to Students with Exceptionalities (3)

Total Credits: 10/11

In addition to the core of Education courses listed above, students must select a number of other Education courses for a minimum of 18 credits total.

Students must choose an advisor in the Education Department to serve as their general advisor to assist them in choosing appropriate courses to complete the requirements for a Secondary Emphasis in Education. Students must meet all course prerequisites or obtain permission by the instructor to register for Education courses.