The ECEC curriculum is primarily based on the Creative Curriculum. Activities in the Center are planned so that children have opportunities for experiences in the following Curriculum Areas:

  • Mathematics and Logical Reasoning
  • Language, Literacy, and Communication
  • Science and Technology
  • Physical Development (includes health and safety)
  • Social and Emotional Development and Responsibility
  • Creative Arts (includes graphics, music, dance)
  • Social Studies

Daily programs are planned to include these curriculum areas, with the following functions in mind:

  • Furthering intellectual interests and abilities of the children through new experiences.
  • Facilitating the development of a feeling of security and confidence in the Center’s routine, and learning to get along with others.
  • Encouraging the children to have “good feelings” about themselves, to be glad they came to the Center, and to look forward to coming again.

The day’s program may be seen as a familiar routine of activities with variation from day to day within each kind of activity.  Please see the Daily Schedules for each program of the Center (Juniata College and Tuscarora Intermediate Unit).

Staff and college students at the Center utilize various methods to monitor the developmental progress of the children.  Samplings of work, child interviews, parent information, objective anecdotal observations, developmental checklists, and photos are collected in a portfolio for each child.  Children are encouraged to have an active involvement in the selection of work samples and accomplishments to be added to their portfolios.  Parents are also welcome to add information about their child to his or her portfolio. Family members have the opportunity to review their child’s portfolio at any time.  Portfolios are taken home when a child transitions out of the Center.  Families are asked to provide a two-inch ring-binder for their child’s portfolio.

The Juniata College Program has a screening program utilizing the Ages and Stages Questionnaire.  Children are screened to determine if each child's development is basically on-track.  If the screening shows any concerns, further evaluation is recommended.  Our screening program involves our families completing a questionnaire about activities that their child is able to do.