We accept applications on the basis of availability. Please call (814)641-3401 to arrange a visit.

Enrollment Process

  1. Call the Center at (814)641-3401 or email the director at buonack@juniata.edu to indicate your interest in enrolling your child. 
    • You will be asked for names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  2. Set up an appointment to visit the Center with your child to determine it is the right fit. Please call (814)641-3401 for an appointment.
  3. If you make the decision to enroll your child, please fill out an enrollment form, which will serve as a contract.
  4. Once accepted, please fill out all necessary paperwork: 

We have an open enrollment without a deadline, but there are usually few openings left by September. Enrollment is open to the community on a first-come-first-serve basis. If your child is put on a waiting list, you will be informed in May and August as to his/her status.

In August, there is an Orientation Visiting Day scheduled for children and their families to visit the Center, receive a copy of the family handbook, get answers to any questions, and meet the teachers.

Billing is done by the college business office in three monthly installments per semester. To determine eligibility to enroll your child through the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit Early Intervention program, please visit the program website or call (814)542-2501. 


  • Hours
    • Morning Classes: 8:30 through 11:30
    • Afternoon Classes: 12:00 through 3:00
    • All Day Options
  • Preschool
    • Children ages 3-5
    • Monday through Thursday
    • Fridays: Half day mornings

ECEC Information

  • The Juniata College Program is now accepting children through the Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) subsidy program. For more information and an application, please call (814)643-4202.
  • ECEC has a limited Tuition Grant fund awarded to those with the most need. For more information and an application, please call (814)641-3400. 
  • Full-time employees are eligible to apply for a Tuition Benefit. For more information, please call the Human Resources Department at (814)641-3198.
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