The following faculty and departments make up the Integrated Media Arts program (IMA), which is an interdisciplinary program. During your time at Juniata you will engage with faculty across multiple departments which make up the IMA curriculum.

IMA Program

Ryan Gibboney Juniata College

Ryan Gibboney

Assistant Professor of Integrated Media Arts

Phone: (814) 641-3575
Office: Kepple Hall 207
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Communication Department

Dr. Donna Weimer Thornbury Juniata college

Dr. Donna Weimer

Thornbury Professor of Communication

Department Chair of Communicaiton and Theatre Arts

Phone: (814) 641-3462
Office: C111A Brumbaugh Academic Center
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Juniata College Professor Jared LaGroue

Jared LaGroue

Instructor in Communication

Phone: (814) 641-3125
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C111C

IT/CS Department

Juniata College ITCS Professor Dr. Loren K. Rhodes

Dr. Loren K. Rhodes

Information Technology Endowed Chair
Chair, Inf. Tech.

Phone: (814) 641-3620
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C208
Jigar Patel

Jigar Patel

Lecturer in Information Technology

Phone: (814) 641-3960
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C111 E
Juniata College IT, CS, DM Professor Kruse

Gerald W. Kruse

John & Irene Dale Professor of IT, Comp. Sci, and Math
Assistant Provost

Phone: (814) 641-3595
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C205A
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John J. Wright Juniata College

John J. Wright

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Phone: (814) 641-3592
Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C201
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English Department

Hannah Bellwoar Juniata College

Dr. Hannah Bellwoar

Associate Professor of English

Phone: (814) 641-3437
Office: Founders Hall 411
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Juniata College English Professor Feibush

Laura Feibush

Assistant Professor of English

Phone: (814) 641-4135

Studio Art

Bethany Benson

Bethany Benson

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Art

Phone: (814) 641-3968
Office: Ceramics Studio, Room 102
portrait of robert boryk

Robert Boryk

Assistant Professor of Art
Ceramic Studio Assistant

Phone: (814) 641-3969
Office: Ceramic Studio
Monika Malewska

Monika Malewska

Professor of Art

Phone: (814) 641-3504
Office: Kepple Hall 204
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portrait of gordon stillman

Gordon Stillman

Assistant Professor of Art 

Phone: (814)641- 3468
Office: Kepple Hall 107

Art History

Jennifer Streb

Jennifer Streb

Professor of Art History and Curator, Juniata College Museum of Art

Phone: (814) 641-3657
Office: 404 Good Hall
portrait of Laura Wingard

Laura Wingard

Instructor in Art and Art History

Phone: (814) 641-3456
Office: Good Hall 218