What classes will I take?

This depends on your language levels in each skill. We offer courses in conversation & discussion, presentation skills, college level writing, grammar and reading. All language learners take the Juniata Language Assessment on entry. This helps determine the right courses to support students in their successful study.

What levels do you offer?

We offer classes at the high-intermediate and advanced levels. Please note, we do not provide classes at the low or intermediate levels.

How many language classes should I take?

This depends on your language skill. Students with higher abilities might take one or two classes to support their learning. Students at the advanced level, will take 4 Classes. Some students who enter at a high-intermediate level, TOEFL 50-69, will need two semesters of courses (8 classes) to achieve college proficiency. Please see our guide to Understanding English Proficiency

Do ESL courses count for credit?

Yes, up to 15 ESL credits count towards your Juniata degree.

If I take courses to develop my English skills, can I graduate on time?

Yes. This is because our language courses are integrated into your study. You can count up to 15 ESL credits towards your degree. You will also complete requirements like First Year Foundation, and General Education requirements that all Juniata students need. In fact, the majority of students who take ESL courses graduate in their chosen course of study in 4 years or less.

Can I choose my classes?

The language placement will determine the language courses you place into. Students who can balance their studies also can add other Juniata courses to their schedule. With the help of an advisor, students enroll in courses such as Computer Science, Spanish, Music, Theatre, Calculus, Integrated Media Arts, Data Science, Etc.

How do I pass the classes?

You will need to achieve a C average or above to pass classes. To earn this grade, you should attend classes regularly, interact with your classmates, and complete assignments. The requirements are very similar to other classes at Juniata. There is also the EAP tutoring network, Writing Center, and advisors to help you develop the right study habits.

What is the study environment?

Your English classes will be small, an average of 6-8 students. In general, there is one faculty member for every 12 students. Juniata campus is set in the natural Juniata valley, with the Juniata river and hiking trails nearby. It is a rural campus, with ample study spaces and located in a safe community.

Are there extra-curriculars, or social activities?

There is always something happening on campus, from world-class lectures and performances, to esports championships, and traditional activities like Mountain Day and Lobster Fest. In addition, international students can live in the Global Village, partner with a local Friendship family, or be a part of one of our many international dinner events. There are also shuttle trips to Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as well as more locally, State College.

What about Orientation?

International students arrive on campus a few days early to set up bank accounts and phone service, get their computers connected to the Juniata network, and attend workshops about Visa status, appropriate work, and campus resources. They also explore Huntingdon with lunches and dinners provided. Then, Inbound begins. American students start to arrive, and everyone selects their favorite activity from 17 choices, like a dance retreat, travel to Pittsburgh, or a white-water rafting adventure. Many students make friends in these activities. Returning to campus, the next couple days are full with an introduction from the President and Provost, meeting with your advisors, and getting ready for classes. (There’s no extra cost for any of these activities)