Forms for Presenters

General Program Info

Credit Students:
Final Response Paper
Exit Survey
Presenter Time Log Sheet

Program Information

Participation Forms

Student Information Sheet -- Fill this out and return to Language in Motion if you want to do presentations. You need a new one each semester.
Travel Participation Agreement

Presentation Evaluation Forms

Presenter Evaluation Sheet
Teacher Evaluation Sheet
School Student Evaluation Sheets:
  • Middle/High School 13 Question Evaluation Sheet 
  • Middle/High School 12 Question Evaluation Sheet 
  • Elementary 13 Question Evaluation Sheet
  • Elementary 12 Question Evaluation Sheet
  • 8 Question Evaluation Sheet
  • Inside Student Evaluation Sheet
*Do NOT Print Out Multiple Copies.  Get them from the Language in Motion Office in World Languages Center 107
*Please Speak with Dr. Roney before Printing Out any Evaluation Sheets for Presentations



Tips for Presentations

Dress Code
Bad Weather? Do I Go to the School?
Making the Most of Language in Motion Resources