Practice peace. Prevent violence. Participate in
social justice action. Provide post-conflict resolution. 

Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) is an interdisciplinary field that begins with the perspective that war and violence are not inevitable aspects of the human condition and that there are more productive and lasting means for addressing human conflicts. PACS draws from political science, sociology, history, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy, among other fields. 

The PACS program at Juniata is housed by The Baker Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies.

“Those who are prepared to make systemic inquiry into organized and unorganized violence and develop the ability to recognize and create social constellations which most readily promote peace and cooperation will indeed be better prepared to contribute to society and to live useful lives.”
Baker Institute Planning documents, (cited in Daniels, 1999)

Juniata PACS students will:

  • Be an agent of change at one of the first undergraduate Peace & Conflict Studies programs in the nation, and one of the few housed by an Institute dedicated to enhancing the field and creating connections for students.
  • Design an impactful internship. Students have interned at the Carnegie Council in New York City, The EastWest Institute in Brussels, Pachaysana in Ecuador, Survivors Fund in Rwanda, and many others.
  • Learn from international guest speakers and peers, scholars in residence, artists, practitioners, and activists.
  • Engage in a range of social justice initiatives in an environment that promotes diversity, inclusion, and critical thinking.




What Are We Up To?