Peer Notetaking Procedure for Students:

Peer Notetaking Assistance is an academic accommodation that allows eligible students to access notes from a student volunteer to supplement their own set of class notes.

  1. Select "Notetaking Services" for each class in which you may want to receive peer notes when customizing your accommodations via your AIM dashboard at the beginning of each term.
  2. Attend class and assess the need for peer notes.
  3. Confirm or cancel the peer notetaking request via your AIM dashboard or the reminder email sent after classes begin.
  4. If the peer notetaking request is confirmed, the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator will collaborate with faculty to identify a student willing to share notes.
  5. Download notes via AIM or make alternate arrangements for note delivery with the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator.
  6. Continue to attend class regularly. Note-taking assistance is not a replacement for one’s own attendance and class participation.
  7. Contact the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have decided that I no longer need a peer notetaker for a class after attending it at the beginning of the semester. What do I do?
You may modify the accommodation request to remove Notetaking Services for that class, contact the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator to have the service removed, or cancel the request via the Confirmation needed email once it is received.
How do I receive notes?
Notes are delivered via AIM. Log in to your AIM dashboard, click on "Notetaking Services" on the left, scroll to a particular class with notes available to download. Please contact the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator if you need assistance downloading notes.
Will the student I am receiving notes from know who I am?
No. All personal and/or identifying information is keep confidential unless you choose to share it.
What happens if no student is found to share notes?
SAS may be in contact with your faculty member to work toward a resolution for providing the needed accommodation. You may also meet with the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator to discuss assistive technology options such as audio recording or use of a smartpen.
What do I do if I no longer need or want notes from a class?
Contact the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator so that the notetaker may be notified.
I am eligible for Peer Notetaking Services but want to take my own notes. How can I be sure I am taking good notes?
Online Universities - Note taking 101 is an excellent resource for learning about what constitutes good notetaking and for suggestions related to notetaking.