Suggested language for your syllabus under the Student Accessibility section:

Juniata College is committed to providing equitable access for learning opportunities to students. Students with disabilities are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504. In addition, your experience in this course is important to me, and I am dedicated to removing barriers and creating a more accessible classroom environment. If you are already affiliated with Student Accessibility Services (and have been determined eligible to receive accommodations), I encourage you to confirm that I have received a copy of your accommodation letter and schedule a time for us to meet to discuss your need in this course. Although it is preferable to request before the semester begins, requests can be made at any time but are not retroactive. Any student who feels they may need an accommodation based on a documented medical condition, physical disability, mental health diagnosis or learning disability (or suspects they may have one), is encouraged to contact Naomi Radio, Interim Director of Student Accessibility Services at or 814-641-5840. Her office location is Good Hall 218. You are also welcome to contact me if you have additional questions regarding Student Accessibility Services and classroom accommodations.

Please refer to the Provost's Syllabus Guidelines for more information.