Student with peer note-taking assistance as an accommodation may request to have a classmate’s notes to supplement their own note taking in order to have a complete set of notes. Students with this accommodation understand that note taking assistance is not to be viewed as a substitute for class attendance and participation. Due to the nature of disability services, it is important to honor the confidentiality of all students involved in the peer note-taking process.

  1. Receive email from Testing and Accessibility Coordinator alerting you to the request for a student note taker in one or more of your classes.
  2. Identify one or more students from each class who you feel exhibits a good understanding of the material and likely takes good notes. Ideally, these students would also possess good handwriting skills.
  3. Alternately, make a class/email announcement requesting a volunteer note-taker.
  4. Ask identified students/confirm with volunteer if they would be willing to share notes for the class.
  5. Email Testing and Accessibility Coordinator the names of students willing to share notes.

Student Accessibility Services is looking for a volunteer peer notetaker for this class. Notetakers may be able to log volunteer hours with Community Engagement for credit toward the Community Engagement Honor transcript notation. Please let me know if you are willing to share your written notes, and I will provide your name to their office. They will then reach out to you to explain the note-taking process. This is a confidential and anonymous service. All notes will filter through Student Accessibility Services. Thank you for considering to volunteer as a notetaker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I teach more than one section of a class. Does the note-taker have to be in the same section as the student requesting notes?
Ideally, the note-taking volunteer would be in the same section, but does not have to be as long as all sections are receiving the same information.
Do I need to coordinate the transfer of notes from the note-taker to the receiving student?
No, all notes will filter through the Testing and Accessibility Coordinator in order to protect the confidentiality of all students involved.
What happens if I am not able to secure a volunteer?
In the event no notetaker is found, SAS may be in contact with you to work toward a resolution for providing the needed accommodation.