Step 1: Complete an Application

Apply Here

Step 2: Make an Appointment

The office of Student Accessibility Services will reach out to you upon submitting an application

Step 3: Consultation

In your consultation with the Director of Student Accessibility Services discuss the barriers to access encountered and impact experienced (whether academic or life impact) related to your condition.

Personalized accommodations are determined in conversation between the Director and the student.

Step 4: Receive Letter of Accommodation

The Director of Student Accessibility Services will write the Letter of Accommodation based on consultation and supporting documentation.

Step 5: Discuss Accommodations with Faculty each semester

Students are asked to speak with their faculty members about their accommodations each semester. This allows for the student to receive the specific learning accommodations that are needed for each course.

Step 6: Renew Accommodations each semester

Each semester students are responsible for renewing their accommodations with Student Accessibility Services. No need to submit documentation again, unless there is a new diagnosis.

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