The JAA Videos are here!  During Homecoming 2013, a number of JAA volunteers* agreed to film a short video to share some of their own College Fair experiences with you!  We hope that this information will be helpful as you get ready for your College Fair.   

First, follow along with the "Unpacking Your Box" video to get familiar with the supplies and publications we've sent to you.  Then listen as JAAs comment on some topics that are typically discussed with students and families at the Juniata table. 

We will be adding to this video library ... what other questions or topics would you like us to include?  Send an e-mail to let us know!

Unpacking Your Box                                                                                                                                            Note: The publications have been revised since this video was filmed -- the brochures you receive in your Supplies Box will be different than the ones in the video. But, take a look anyway because this video also includes helpful tips and suggestions you can use when speaking with students and their families at the Fair!


Juniata Affiliations / Co-Op Programs

Juniata Affordability

What Makes a Juniatian?                                                                                                                                   What makes Juniata unique? Characteristics of the Juniata community.

The Huntingdon Community

* Thanks to the JAA Alumni Volunteers featured in these videos: Gabe Castro '12, Ryan Hollister '09, Pam '80 & Randy '79 Kochel, Catie Stroup '11, and Brandon Zlupko '00.