Class of 1970 50th Reunion Photo

Row 1 (front in zig-zag): Laurie (Patterson) Trexler, Ann Reganis, Richard Endres, Nancy (Maust) Civitts, Myrna (Laird) Regardie, Rich Paulhamus, Marsha (Frye) Hartman, Vicki (Carman) Cresswell, John Civitts, Candace (Wamsley) deCsipkes, Jeff Hauber, Anne (Nicklas) Layng

Row 2 (middle): Clark Smith, Mike Regardie, Bill Phillips, Thomas Berger, Harry Gicking (as blow-up doll), Bill Crock, Scott Taylor, Kerry Stanley, Ron Miller

Row 3 (back): Rob Hunter, Terry Stevens, Tom Kepple, Tom Diehl, Steve Jones, John Over, Zeke Eisenhart 

We hope you enjoyed our 50th Reunion! If you weren’t able to attend or would just like to relive the weekend, we have many ways for you to do so.

See how much fun we had throughout the weekend and stay connected with us:

If you have questions, please contact the Alumni Office at or 814-641-3443.

Special thanks to our reunion committee: John Civitts, Nancy (Maust) Civitts, Vicki (Carman) Cresswell,  Anne (Ferrera) Creter, Bill Crock, Charlie Davenport, Candy (Wamsley) deCsipkes, Tom Diehl, Craig Eisenhart, Dick Endres, Marsha (Frye) Hartman, Bruce Hockman, Dan Hoover, Rob Hunter, Bob Krouse, Anne (Nicklas) Layng, Linnie (Townsend) Long, Roger Long, Ron Miller, Bruce Morton, John Over, Rich Paulhamus, Ann Reganis, Mike Regardie, Myrna (Laird) Regardie, Pete Schuyler, Terry Stevens, Lynn (Korsan) Sullivan, Scott Taylor, Laurie (Patterson) Trexler, Tom Warrick.

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