Class of 1971 50th Reunion Photo
Row 1 (front): Pamela (Pollick) Babick, Becky (Valigorsky) Bricen, JoAnn (Williams) Hauber, Charlotte (Houchin) Kresge, Jackea Andoniades, Susan (Bryson) Alldardice, Suzanne (Moyer) Gicking, Kathie (Barnett) Montana, Urtha Lenharr


Row 2 (back): Ted Corcelius, Dee (Beck) DeRoche, JuliAnne (Bowser) Sloughfy, Peg (Slaughter) Over, Jane (Walter) Loucks, Carol (Ellis) Paullin, Peggy (Moyer) Diehl, Dan Hueglin, Jeff Jacobs, Charlie Foukes, Lance Radbill

We hope you enjoyed our 50th Reunion! If you weren’t able to attend or would just like to relive the weekend, we have many ways for you to do so. See how much fun we had throughout the weekend and stay connected with us:

If you have questions, please contact the Alumni Office at or 814-641-3443.

Special thanks to our reunion committee: Jackea Andoniades, Pam (Pollick) Babick, Margie (Biss) Behnke, Rebecca (Valigorsky) Bricen, Ted Corcelius, Peggy (Moyer) Diehl, Linda (Cromis) Hoover, Dotti Huss, Charlotte (Houchin) Kresge, Ann (Witt) Laird, Doug Laird, Urtha Lenharr, Jane (Walter) Loucks, Peg (Slaughter) Over, Carol (Ellis) Paullin, Dan Sell, Peg (Bell) Sell, Dehra (Winters) Shafer, Jane (Maskas) Stoutland.

Newsletter Feature Articles:

Co Chair Corner

Becky (Valigorsky) Bricen '71 gave a speech  at our dinner shared with the Class of 1970. Here's the speech: Co-Chair Corner.

Class of 71 SocialWe did it!  On June 10-11, 2022, we celebrated our 50th reunion, actually 50 (+1), but who's counting? It was wonderful to reconnect with friends and classmates after all of these years. Read about the reunion here.
Machu Picchu

50th Reunion Communication-Chair, Charlotte (Houchin) Kresge '71 shares highlights from her monumentous trip to Machu Picchu in her article: The Adventure of a Lifetime.

Woodrow photo

Read the reflections that Dehra (Winters) Shafer '71 shares as well as her interview with professor emeritus, Dr. Tom Woodrow, by clicking here.

Pam and Becky photo

50th Reunion Co-Chair, Beck (Valigorsky) Bricen '71 ponders why some memories are vivid, some are easier to remember, and some are just plain lost in her article: Patio of Fifty.

Latchkey photo

When her daughter started classes at Juniata College, Jane (Walter) Loucks '71 shared her memories of life on campus 1967-1971. Click here to read her message.


Since the Classes of 1971 and 1970 will be spending time together on October 7-9, 2021, we thought it would be fun to reminisce about our time together. Read the article co-authored by Robert Hunter '70 and Charlotte Houchin Kresge '71 here.

Quaker Meeting House

After our sophomore year, Jackea Andoniades '71 left Juniata to work with the Quakers in the hopes of bringing an end to the war in Vietnam.  You can read about her amazing journey by clicking here.

All Class Night

Many of us have fond memories of All Class Night, a long-standing tradition at Juniata. Dan Sell '71 shares some memories of that night with a humorous twist.  You can access  his article here.

Kent State

In May of 1970, Juniata College temporarily shut down campus in response to the shootings at Kent State. Dotti Huss '71 shares her reflection on the time here.

Juniata College logo

Would you like to see copies of the letters that Dr. Stauffer sent to all students about the closing and subsequent reopening of Juniata in May of 1970? We have them, and you can see them here!

Betty Ann Cherry

Rev. G. Edward "Ted" Corcelius '71 walks down memory lane with everyone's favorite "Prof", Betty Ann Cherry. To read his article, "Reflections about the Juniata Class of 1971 and Our Years at Juniata College" click here.

Urtha Lenharr

Our first article was submitted by Urtha Lenharr '71, who describes his twenty-year adventure while living in Alaska. Over the years, he taught school, braved the elements and even competed in the great Iditarod race. Read about his adventures here.

Founders Hall

Feeling hesitant about attending our reunion? Pam Pollick Babick '71 shares a unique perspective on her days at Juniata.
To read Pam's reflections, click here.

Classmates from 1971

In a recent 50th reunion newsletter, classmates were encouraged to share what they miss the most about their years at Juniata. You can read more here.