"Going Pro" with Career Development

Use your SCORE Card to track your level of professional preparation for life after graduation. 

Who should participate?

The SCORE Card was developed with collegiate athletes in mind, however,  the SCORE Card program and incentives are open to any student wishing to participate.

As a college athlete, you will be part of a unique college experience, unlike that of many other college students. You will develop skills critical to success in your sport , such as learning to work as a team and communication; time management and discipline; as well as leadership and ethics. Just as developing your physical skills requires practice, focus and sometimes re-direction, so does developing your career plan and skill set. The SCORE card is designed to help you Start Cultivating Opportunities Realistically and Effectively.

How it works

Your SCORE Card will consist of skill development tasks and activities that are designed with certain career-related goals in mind. There are certain tasks and activities that are recommended to be completed each academic year, as listed; however there may be some crossover from year to year. For example, if you did not complete a career assessment during your Freshman year, you are still eligible to complete one during your Sophomore year and earn the points for doing so.

Your goal is to complete a minimum of 25 points between your Freshman and Sophomore year, and then another 25 points again between your Junior and Senior year. You are encouraged to go beyond the minimum!

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