HyFlex Frequently Asked Questions

What is HyFlex?

Hybrid-Flexible (“HyFlex”) courses combine online and face-to-face instruction to deliver course content to students who may be either online or in-person. HyFlex means that we are ready to teach online all of the time to some students, and some of the time to all students. HyFlex does not mean that your courses will be either online or in-person. It means that you will always have two ways of taking each course.

Your professors are using the summer to update their courses in a deliberate way that supports your learning. Your experience will be distinct from emergency remote learning that happened in the spring.

Why are we using HyFlex?

HyFlex allows us to respond flexibly to public health challenges without sacrificing academic quality. You will be able to make the same progress toward your degree even if residential instruction is interrupted. HyFlex also accommodates the needs of students who are already impacted by the pandemic by allowing them to participate equally. Students unable to be on campus and in class for some or all the semester will be able to maintain academic progress. By not separating online and in-person instruction, we maintain the community of learners that is a big part of what makes Juniata special.

What will it be like to take a HyFlex class?

All HyFlex courses won’t be the same, just like your regular courses aren’t all the same. Regardless, our goal is for all HyFlex courses to be as good as or better than your regular courses. For some classes, you may not notice much of a difference. For others, you may find that more of your class materials are available on Moodle, you may be collaborating on a group paper using online tools, or you may be participating in class discussions using Zoom. You may even find that you enjoy being able to take advantage of the extra flexibility of a HyFlex course.

Will every class be offered in the HyFlex format?

Yes, every course offered during the fall semester will be in the HyFlex format.

What technology will be used to deliver HyFlex courses?

All courses will be based in Moodle. Your professor may choose to use additional online tools to deliver course content.

Will HyFlex classes have scheduled meeting times?

Yes. If you are on campus, your HyFlex courses will meet at the scheduled times. If you are accessing the course material remotely, you will have synchronous and asynchronous options that allow you to interact with the students who are accessing the course in a different mode. These options will vary by course.

If I am on campus, can I choose to learn online?

In general, no. Your professors have created two different pathways to access the same course content, and you should use the one that corresponds to your situation. Should public health or personal health circumstances not allow you to attend class in person, you will be able to continue your academic work online. A few of your courses may be offered entirely online if your professor cannot be on campus, but this will be rare.

What is the format of exams and other assignments?

Your professor will choose the format of exams and other assignments. All assignments will be available in the HyFlex format. All final exams will be taken online during the final exam period.

How will labs, field work, and studio and performing arts courses work?

Courses that require access to specialized equipment or instruments will be modified by the professor to fit the HyFlex format. In some cases, courses that cannot be modified will be moved to the spring semester.

How will class discussions work?

A big part of your Juniata education is being able to interact with other students, and that also holds true for HyFlex courses. Your professors will choose the technology that best fits the kind of class you’re taking. You will be able to interact equally well with students who are online or in-person. With HyFlex, there is still just one class for everyone.

How long will this last?

All courses will be delivered in HyFlex format at least through the fall semester. We will return to regular instruction once there is no public health risk.