Dear Campus Community,

After reviewing the data and careful deliberation, we have determined that it is safe to resume in-person instruction beginning Monday, October 26. Over the past 10 days, we have tested nearly all of our students. 421 negative results were received today, with zero new positive cases. Our positivity rate remains below internal and external benchmarks for remote instruction, and we are trending in the right direction. In addition, our contact tracing suggests that the risk of transmission on campus remains very low.

The health and safety of our community are paramount, so this week we will begin to gradually return to normal, prioritizing the academic experience. In-person instruction will resume as it was before the all-student quarantine. With surrounding school districts returning to remote instruction, students may find that some faculty may have to teach remotely as a result of childcare responsibilities. Area VPs will follow up with their staffs regarding work policies for next week.

Due to the increase in cases in our county and around the nation, continued diligence is necessary to ensure that we can safely remain on campus for the next four weeks. The following guidelines are in effect until further notice:

  • Gatherings are limited to three people, both inside and outside.
  • Student travel, even within Huntingdon, must now accord with safety protocols. Use the travel disclosure form to request permission and receive safety instructions. Travel may require self-quarantine and remote class participation until testing can be arranged. Students should take advantage of delivery service and curbside pickup to obtain essential items wherever possible.
  • Baker dining remains take-out only.
  • Students can make use of the library, lounges, classrooms, and other indoor spaces as long as gatherings do not exceed three people.

We expect that we will continue to receive some positive test results during the next four weeks, but we remain confident in our ability to stay on campus and stay safe. Now, more than ever, everyone must strictly adhere to our safety protocols. We will continue to hold individuals accountable for any violations. Individuals who violate our protocols jeopardize their own ability to remain on campus. Our sincere thank you to all of our students who persevered through this challenging time. We eagerly look forward to seeing you back in the classroom.

COVID Operations Team