How do we influence each other? What sparks that synergy between you and another person? Did you ever wonder at that moment when you influence someone, that you might actually be channeling energy from the stars? The word “influence” is derived from a 14th century astrological term for “streaming ethereal power from the stars when in certain positions while acting upon character or destiny of each person.”

How do we act upon one another's character and destiny?

Juniata welcomes your influential energy, as we shape our communal ethos. Be the constellation you are and evolve into the global leader you are becoming by sharing your stories, insights, creations, sorrows and doubts. Lift up creative, enlightened ideas. Stand up for inclusive, equitable actions. As students and teachers of life, we can emanate the stars and influence each other’s character and destiny.

Engage with us, in our EDI Program—a series of reflective presentations that invite and embolden heartfelt, brave dialogue that might influence you and those you lead.

Be intentional about moving EDI!

When we are intentional, we are “stretching out, or straining.” We turn our attention to “emotion, feelings, heart, mind, mental faculties, and understanding.”

Stretch out your attentions toward the transformations that move us into explicit equity.

Whether watching the news, reading the headlines, or commiserating with friends, we have witnessed a chain of national and global events that often leave us feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. What’s next? Together, and with soul-searching intentionality to actuate equity and justice, we can influence change and reconciliation wherever we are.

At Juniata, we dedicate ourselves as intentional agents of positive and creative worldwide change. What can we do to awaken, to become more attuned to the realities and destinies of others? How do we differ from and engage each other respectfully, with civility and compassion?

We invite you to attend EDI events to enhance your influence as you interact with others in the classroom, dorm rooms, offices, athletic fields, and neighborhoods. Become intentional about the creative difference you make!