Past Events:

EDI Speakers Series

Presented by author and activist Beverly Gooden

“The Power of Storytelling”

The office of Equity Diversity and Inclusion invites you to the final EDI Speakers Series Event for the Fall Semester. On November 11, 2020 at 6 p.m. author and activist Beverly Gooden will present an interactive Zoom session entitled “The Power of Storytelling”. In this interactive speech, Beverly Gooden presents storytelling as a transformative art form.

From Aesop's Fables to the emotive descriptions of Japanese internment camps, the retelling of a sequence of events has been an important part of history. Gooden walks through the history, purpose, and various forms of storytelling, and shares a spontaneous story from her life. Audience members will also have the opportunity to share their favorite story in 60 seconds or less.

Black Women and the Ballot

Please join us for a screening of three short radio dramas in this Zoom event on Wednesday, October 21. The event will feature radio dramas from Black Women and the Ballot produced by The American Slavery Project: A Theatrical Response. Students and members of the planning committee will serve as cohosts and facilitate a Q&A discussion following the screenings. Limited seating is available in Sill Boardroom so please plan to join us via Zoom.

EDI Speakers Series - Diversity and Democracy

Presented by Dr. Phillip Dunwoody, Juniata College Department of Psychology

Authoritarian Fascism: One researcher’s story to understand American Political Behavior

EDI Speakers Series - Diversity and Democracy

Presented by Dr. Charlotte Ridge, Juniata College Lecturer in Politics

"Women Voting in the US: Diversity and the Gender Gap"