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Emotional Support Animals or ESA’s, are a type of treatment for people with mental and psychiatric disabilities. They can help owners prevent, manage, or recover from symptoms related to their disability.

    • If you believe you qualify and would benefit from an ESA, please review the ESA Policy and Agreements as well as the Checklist below and contact your mental health professional to begin the conversation about whether this treatment is appropriate for you.

ESA Policy & Agreements Checklist for Requesting an Emotional Support Animal

Application and Approval Process:

  1. Download the required ESA Request for Information Form below and ask your mental health professional to complete the form and return to you. 
    Note: Required documentation cannot be completed by Juniata College Counseling staff
  2. Use the link below to submit an application for accommodations and upload your Request for Information Form and any other documentation that supports your application. Note: If you have already completed an application in AIM for other accommodations, please do not submit another application. Instead, log into your AIM Dashboard and click on "Additional Accommodations or Documentation". 
  3. Once the SAS Office receives your application and documentation, the next step is to schedule a consultation. The consultation will include a review of the ESA Policy and Agreements, that must be signed if approved.
    1. If there is additional documentation required for approval consideration, the Director will explain what needs to be acquired.
  4. If approved, there are additional steps that need to be completed in conjunction with Campus Life, including: the Roommate Agreement, Emergency Contact Agreement, ESA health information, and visual check before the animal is allowed in campus housing.
  5. Students with an ESA accommodation must request a renewal of their ESA accommodation within the deadlines set for the following academic year housing room draw and selection process. This request process and form will be made public and available every spring to current students.

Download ESA Request for Information Form Submit Application & Completed ESA Paperwork 

Note: The ESA request process must begin 60 days prior to the start of the semester. Requests received within 60 days will be processed, but if documentation is not received 30 days before the start of the semester, you may need to wait another semester before your ESA is permitted in campus housing.