Juniata is a residential college. Undergraduate students are required to live on campus for 8 semesters. Students who are married, have dependents, or at least 25 years of age may be exempt from the 8 semester residency requirement. 

A student may elect to be a commuter student (a student who does not reside in campus housing) only if they live with their parents or guardian, whose main home is within 50 miles of Juniata’s Huntingdon campus.


COVID information

COVID policies supersede anything listed.

If students are required to return home, will there be reimbursement for room and board? If Juniata is required to send students home during a semester, we will issue Room and Board refunds based on the following schedule, which will be updated for all semesters moving forward. While a significant number of schools are altering contracts to not refund room and board this year if required to go to remote teaching, we are committed to issuing refunds based on this schedule:

Spring 2022

Move home on or before Tuesday February 8, 2022 – 80% refund
Through Friday, March 11, 2022 – 50% refund
Through Thursday, March 24, 2022 – 25% refund
On or after Friday, March 25, 2022 – 0% refund

Please be advised that changes to cost of attendance can change a student’s need‐based financial aid.

 If students take a leave of absence or withdraw from the college, the last day for a refund of tuition, room & board is as stated above.  Students will be prorated based on the number of days in attendance.

 If students choose to do remote learning midway through the semester, the last day for a refund of room & board is as stated above.  Students will be prorated based on the number of days on campus.

Housing Contract

Housing Options


Food Service

Parkhurst is the Food Service Provider for Juniata.

For information on meal plans, go to https://www.juniata.edu/campus-life/living-on-campus/dining-services.php

    • Students can use DCB anytime retail operations are open.
    • DCBs rollover over from fall to spring semesters, but not from one academic year to the next.
    • Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan but can select a plan or opt out. 
    • Baker will now encompass both the traditional first floor stations as well as second floor stations (Eagles Landing).  Eagles Landing will not be a standalone retail cash operation but be instead be considered part of Baker. 
    • Students are permitted to enter both areas and take food to go.

Residence Hall Linens

Safety Policies and FAQs

Air Conditioners

Abandoned Property

  • Campus and Residential Life does not provide additional storage to students beyond the space within their unit. Housing spaces are to be fully vacated at the time of a student’s departure or checkout, and all contents and belongings removed and the room cleaned. The College assumes no liability or responsibility for personal items left behind, but in instances where items of substantial value or volume appear to occupy a student’s room after checkout or departure, the student will be notified by email, and given 10 days to arrange for retrieval. Failure to contact Campus and Residential Life and/or retrieve items left behind within the stated timeframe will result in items being declared abandoned property and discarded. The student’s College account will be assessed a $100 fee, plus any costs incurred with removal, storage, and disposal of any belongings left behind.”.

Juniata College Fire Pit Policy and Procedure

Fire pits are permitted in designed areas only and with approval from Campus Life. Fire Pit and/or open fires are not permitted at the Peace Chapel and surrounding area.

Juniata College fire pit policy and procedure addresses the safety needed to operate a fire pit in a safe, cautious manner and this safety information is reviewed and clearly understood by students prior to permission being granted to utilize a fire pit.

All requests for fire pits must be approved in advanced by Campus Life and Public Safety will be notified of this approval. Requests must be made 48 hours in advance through Events Scheduler.

There will be only one student making the request and that student will be responsible and will only be granted final approval after acknowledging and signing the Fire Pit Safety Guide form.

Once approval is granted the student responsible will be given a fire extinguisher to be present at all times while having a fire in the approved fire pit. Student will be given instructions on how to operate a fire extinguisher. 

The fire extinguisher will not be used to extinguish the fire at the end of the activity , for the fire should be left to burn out and be watch by the student responsible for the fire pit.  Any assistance in making sure the fire is completely out contact Public Safety.

The student responsible for the Fire Pit will be accountable to return the fire extinguisher to Campus Life within one business day of the completion of the fire pit event.

Students need to note that Campus Life and Public Safety has the authority to shut down or extinguish any fire pit activity due to adverse conditions and/or inappropriate operations deemed contrary to the safe operation of a Fire Pit.

Student responsible for the fire pit and fire extinguisher will be given a safety form that provide guidance and rules for utilizing a fire pit in a safe manner .

The safety form must be signed by the student responsible for the fire pit and fire extinguisher acknowledging they have read and thoroughly understand the safe operating procedures and manner for the fire pit.