Did You Know?

  • Each year across America, college and university students experience a growing number of fire-related emergencies.
  • Having a working smoke alarm more than doubles the chances of surviving a fire.
  • Cooking and arson are the leading causes of university and college fires.

Housing Safety Tips

  • Make sure you know how to properly contact emergency services using 911.
  • Make sure every room has a smoke alarm, and that they are properly working. Check the batteries once a month.
  • Regularly inspect rooms for fire hazards.
  • Inspect exit doors and windows to make sure they are working correctly.
  • Create an escape route plan, with two different routes of escape. Practice using these routes once a month.
  • Make sure electrical outlets are not overloaded and make sure extension cords are used properly.
  • Safely maintain heating and cooking appliances.

By following these simple life-saving tips, you can ensure your safety and the safety of others during fire emergencies!