Housing Selection Important Dates - Spring 2022

  Applications Open* Selection Time Emailed to You No Later Than Date You Select via Eagles Nook
Living-Learning Communities Feb. 21 – March 11  N/A  N/A
Reasonable Accommodation Housing Feb. 21 – March 11  N/A N/A
Houses & Apartments Feb. 21 – March 11  March 31 April 3 (IN PERSON)
Multiple Occupancy Rooms Feb. 21 – March 11  April 5 April 6 - 7
Single Occupancy Rooms Feb. 21 – March 11  April 11 April 12 - 13
Double Occupancy Rooms Feb. 21 – March 11  April 18 April 19 - 22

*You must complete applications for every process you wish to take part in.

**You may not participate in housing selection if you will be abroad or at the Field Station in Fall 2022.

Incoming Class of Fall 2022 - Housing Selection will open through the Eagles Nook. You will complete your application June 1 - July 1 and receive your placement no later than August 1. Please see your New Student Information Packet for additional details.


Housing Selection Process Structure

Step 1: Receive Your Priority Number  A priority number is a lottery number that is assigned to you for the selection process. You will be assigned a random number within your class cohort. Priority numbers will be sent out on February 21st, 2022.
Your class cohort is determined by Anticipated Completion Date.  
If you need to update your Anticipated Completion date, please contact the Registrar’s Office prior to February 16 at 5pm. Priority numbers cannot be updated once they are processed.
Step 2: Complete Housing Process Application(s)  You must complete at least one housing process application. You may complete more than one.  
You are only eligible to participate in processes for which you complete applications. 
Complete applications through Eagles Nook between Feb. 21 and March 11 
- Log into Eagles Nook 
- Click on “Housing Applications” 
- Complete applications for each process you wish to take part in.  
Students who do not complete an application will automatically be entered into the double room selection process. 
Step 3: Request Your Roommate(s)  Indicate who you want to live with by requesting and confirming your roommate(s) between Feb. 21 and March 11.  
- Log into Eagles Nook 
- Click on “Housing/Roommate Selection” 
- Select Fall 2022 “For the Term” 
- Request and Confirm ALL your Roommates 
Selecting a roommate is a two-step process. All requests must be requested and confirmed. 
Students may request to live with an incoming international roommate. You must complete the application for an international roommate through Eagles Nook between Feb. 21 and March 11. Only students living in general room rate housing units may request an international roommate. Applying for an international roommate does not automatically place you in the Global Village. 
- Log into Eagles Nook 
- Click on “Housing Applications” 
- Complete the "International Roommate Application" 
Step 4: Participate in the Housing Selection Process*  At least 24 hours before your selection process, you will receive your selection time.  
One person from your roommate group must log into Eagles Nook at your selection time.** 
- Select “Housing/Roommate Selection” 
- Select “Select Room/Suite” 
- Select your desired room 
You must fill all available beds in a room to be able to select a space. 

*Students requesting reasonable accommodations, living-learning communities, or Lesher 3rd Floor gender-inclusive housing will complete individualized placement processes. The placement process will be done via email communication and/or interviews directly with the student.

**Students wishing to live in campus-owned houses and apartments will complete the process as outlined in Step 4 but it will be done IN PERSON at your assigned selection time. Housing Selection Waivers are available for groups who need to identify proxy to select on their behalf. 


Pricing Structure

We have a two-tiered pricing structure for our residential offerings. There will be no increase in the room fee for the 2022-2023 academic year. The following are included in this pricing structure: 
Premium Room Rate ($4,341/semester): applies to all houses and apartments with in-unit kitchens and to all single rooms*.  
General Room Rate ($3,472/semester): applies to all remaining residential offerings and living-learning community housing. 
*East Suites with single bedrooms are included in the premium room rate.  

Housing Selection FAQs

How do I request special medical housing accommodations (or any other accommodation)?

Juniata College recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its housing policies and practices when necessary for individuals with disabilities to fully participate in the College Residential Life program. A disability must substantially limit one or more major life activity, such as walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, caring for one’s self, performing manual tasks, and working. Current and appropriate documentation from a reliable third party professional is required to support any request for reasonable housing accommodations.

The deadline for submitting a housing accommodations request to the Office of Accessibility Services with all of the necessary documentation is March 11, 2022. Students requesting a renewal of a previously approved housing accommodation or a renewal of a previously approved emotional support animal must also meet this deadline. Renewal forms will be sent directly to those who have previously been approved. 

Juniata College strives to accommodate students with disabilities within our existing college-owned housing options. An accommodation to live off campus is only granted under unusual circumstances and after all efforts to accommodate on campus have been exhausted.

Keep in mind that there are a limited number of single rooms, single rooms with private bathroom, etc and we may not be able to accommodate all requests. 

For more information about the process of requesting reasonable housing accommodations, please visit the accessibility services page Accessibility Services.

What do I need to know if I want to select a single room?

A limited number of singles are available across campus (approximately 75 in Nathan Hall and 24 throughout other residence halls). All single rooms are priced at the premium room rate. Through the Housing Accommodations process, some singles will be occupied prior to the start of Housing Selection.  Please note that all singles will not be available during Housing Selection. We anticipate approximately 70 - 75 single rooms to be available during the Single Room Housing Selection Process but the exact number will vary based upon the reasonable accommodations process.

Like all rooms, priority numbers will be used to determine the order in which students can draw for a single. Due to the limited number of singles, we strongly suggest making a backup plan.

Some singles in Nathan Hall have a shared bathroom for two single bedrooms. These rooms will be drawn at the same time as all singles, but must be drawn with a suitemate, so make sure you have requested and confirmed a roommate. The suitemate with the highest priority number will represent the pair.

What do I need to know if I want to participate in Houses and Apartments Selection?

Houses and Apartment Selection will take place April 3rd. A group must have the exact number of confirmed roommates as beds to select a room in Houses and Apartments selection.  All houses and apartments with in-unit kitchens are priced at the premium room rate. For example, in order to select a 5-person house, you would need to have 5 fully matched roommates.  Please review the available Houses and Apartments List.

What do I need to know if I want to participate in Multiple Occupancy Room Selection?

Multiple Occupancy Room Selection will take place April 6-7.  A group must have the exact number of confirmed roommates as beds to select a room in Multiple Selection. For example, in order to select a 8-person East suite, you would need to have 8 fully matched roommates.  Please review the available Multiple Housing List. Available singles and multiples

What if I (and/or my roommate) plan to study abroad or live at the Field Station?

One Semester:  If you are going abroad or to the Field Station in the fall semester, you are ineligible to participate in Housing Selection; we will work with you individually during the fall semester to place you for the spring.  If you are going abroad or to the Field Station for the spring semester, please participate in Housing Selection.  If the room is not filled during your time away from campus, the Office of Campus Life will fill the space as needed.

Full Year: Students who have pre-registered for study abroad for both fall and spring semesters are ineligible to participate in Housing Selection unless they have withdrawn from the study abroad or Field Station program.

What if I cannot attend Housing Selection?

The process will all be done online through Eagles Nook, so you to do not need to be on-campus to select. Select and confirm your roommate(s) by March 11 and wait for an email with your selection time assignment.

Houses and Apartment selection will complete the process as outlined in Step 4 of the selection process located at the top of this page. However, it will be done IN PERSON at your assigned selection time. You must have at least one group member physically present during your assigned selection time. If no one is available, you may appoint another student as your representative for the process. 

The Housing Selection process will be done very much like the class registration process. Your selection time will be determined by your priority number.

Can you tell me more about Nathan Hall?

Nathan Hall has three floors with 77 beds, all single rooms. Each floor has a men's and a women's bathroom that will be shared by residents. A limited number of suites are available with two rooms sharing a private bathroom (some with an additional living space).  Two rooms are available with their own private bathroom.

The first floor houses the laundry room, lounge, and seminar room. The second floor has a small workout area. A lounge and kitchenette are located on the third floor.

Nathan is a climate controlled building with a thermostat in one room that controls multiple rooms. Windows should not be open during extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Where can I find Gender Inclusive Housing?

Gender Inclusive Housing is available on Lesher Hall 3rd floor, East Houses, Nathan Hall, and College Owned Apartments and Houses.  If you would like to be guaranteed a space in Gender Inclusive Housing in Lesher Hall, you must complete the application which will be available on Eagles Nook beginning February 21st. East, Nathan, and Off-Campus rooms are available by priority through the Housing Selection Process. 

What if I am interested in Pet Friendly Housing?

Pet Friendly housing available in East Houses and Off-Campus Apartments - email campuslife@juniata.edu if you are interested in bringing a pet to campus.

Where do I select my roommate(s)?

You will select a roommate, or search for potential roommate(s) in Eagle’s Nook. All roommates must request and accept one another. We recommend you check with everyone in your group to make sure they have completed the roommate selection process. If you do not have a roommate check out roommate search info on the Eagles Nook.

Why is GPA no longer factored into priority number creation?

The Office of Campus and Residential Life determined that GPA should no longer be taken into consideration for priority housing for a number of equity-related concerns. GPA is impacted by factors unrelated to an individual’s learning or achievement. For instance, GPAs vary between disciplines and each POE’s collection of classes; a student’s learning differences, physical and mental health circumstances, the impact of the pandemic on a student’s classes, and previous knowledge and experience with the college setting are just a few of them. 

Why is Cloister now the female-aligned building starting in Fall 2022? 

In our fall survey, the percentage of students needing or wanting to live in a female-aligned space is and has been shrinking. 29.9% of current students (344 students) completed the survey, indicating the results can be generalized. 155 students potentially interested in living in female-aligned housing completed the survey. Of those, 12 students indicated they needed a female-aligned building. 

In addition, many of these students (whose highest priority is a female-aligned building) have additional ADA (medical) accommodations better addressed in Cloister. The expected occupancy will more than fit in Cloister and will be more flexible to meet multifaceted needs of students in this community. Cloister has 16 single rooms whereas Lesher has 1. Cloister has access to limited-use bathrooms where Cloister does not. Cloister also has 6 quads and 3 triples. For students who ADA needs are not met with Cloister but desire a female-aligned space, we will work with those students individually to best serve them within the constraints of our campus buildings.

What is a living-learning community (LLC)? 

LLCs are cohorts of students who live and explore a common interest or academic pursuit together. LLCs help students to learn more about, to create a sense of belonging, and to provide additional programs and educational moments for the broader campus community. 

Students must complete and application and interview process for LLCs selection. LLC community members are required to host at least one campus-wise program per month during the academic year. Each LLC may elect to have a programming coordinator hired through the Campus Life Office and will receive funding to support programs.