Housing Selection Timeline Spring 2020

  • Special Interest Applications -- February 24 - April 3
  • Reasonable Accommodations -- February 24 - April 3
  • Roommate Selection -- February 24 - April 3
  • Multiple Room Selection -- April 15 - 16
  • Single Room Selection -- April 21 -22
  • Double Room Selection -- April 23, 24, 28, 29
  • Housing Selection Info
  • List of Multiples Available
  • Informational Slideshow (email campuslife@juniata.edu if you would like a copy)
  • Pet Friendly housing available in East Houses and Off-Campus Apartments - fill out the application on Eagles Nook
  • Gender Inclusive housing for upperclassmen students: South 1st and 3rd floors, East Houses, and Off-Campus Apartments
  • Incoming Class of 2020 - Housing Selection will open through the Eagles Nook on June 1st, 2020. You will complete your housing profile and roommate preferences through the Eagles Nook.

Housing Selection FAQs

  • How do I request special medical accommodations (or any other accommodation)?

Juniata College recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its housing policies and practices when necessary for individuals with disabilities to fully participate in the College Residential Life program. A disability must substantially limit one or more major life activity, such as walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, caring for one’s self, performing manual tasks, and working. Current and appropriate documentation from a reliable third party professional is required to support any request for reasonable housing accommodations.

The deadline for submitting a housing accommodations request with all of the necessary documentation is April 3, 2020. Students requesting a renewal of a previously approved housing accommodation or a renewal of a previously approved emotional support animal must also meet this deadline.

**Please note that Juniata College strives to accommodate students with disabilities within our existing college-owned housing options. An accommodation to live off campus is only granted under unusual circumstances and after all efforts to accommodate on campus have been exhausted.

For more information about the process of requesting reasonable housing accommodations, please visit the accessibility services page.


What do I need to know if I want to draw for a single room?

A limited number of singles are available across campus (approximately 75 in Nathan Hall and 24 throughout other residence halls). There is an additional charge for all single rooms.

Like all rooms, priority numbers will be used to determine the order in which students can draw for a single. Due to the limited number of singles, we strongly suggest making a backup plan.

Some singles in Nathan Hall have a shared bathroom for two single bedrooms. These rooms will be drawn during the same night as all singles, but must be drawn with a suitemate (same gender unless approved for Gender Inclusive Housing). The suitemate with the highest priority number will represent the pair.

  • What if I (and/or my roommate) plan to study abroad or live at the Field Station?

One Semester: We ask that all students going abroad for one semester or to the Field Station arrange for someone to take their place in the room for the semester in which they will be gone.  If the room in not filled during your time away, the Residential Life Office will fill the space as needed. We guarantee housing for the semester that you are living in campus housing as close to the area selected as possible but always with the selected roommate.

Full Year: Students who have pre-registered for study abroad for both fall and spring semesters are ineligible to participate in Housing Selection unless they have withdrawn from the study abroad or Field Station program.

  • What if I cannot attend Housing Selection?

The process will all be done on-line through the Eagles Nook so you to do not need to be on-campus to select. Select and confirm your roommate(s) and wait for an email with your selection time assignment.

The Housing Selection process will be done very much like the class registration process. Your selection time will be determined by your priority number. 

  • Can you tell me more about Nathan Hall?

 Nathan Hall has three floors with 77 beds, all single rooms. Each floor has a male and a female bathroom that will be shared by residents. A limited number of suites are available with two rooms sharing a private bathroom (some with an additional living space).  Two rooms are available with their own private bathroom.

The first floor houses the laundry room, lounge, and seminar room. The second floor has a small workout area. A lounge and kitchenette are located on the third floor.

Nathan is a climate controlled building with a thermostat in one room that controls multiple rooms. Windows should not be open during extreme cold or hot temperatures.

  • Roommate Selection

    You will select a roommate, or search for potential roommate(s) in Eagle’s Nook. All roommates must request/accept one another. We recommend you check with everyone in your group to make sure they have completed the roommate selection process. If you do not have a roommate check out roommate search info on the Eagles Nook.


  • Housing Selection through Eagle’s Nook.

    Once you have requested a roommate, and it is an even match (all roommates must request and accept each other if you are interested in multiple housing). You will apply for one of the three housing selection processes. You may apply to more than one process but once housing is selected, you will be removed from all other housing selections. We will use the average of all individual priority numbers to determine a group lottery number for multiples. The double and single processes will use the best priority number (closest to zero) to determine selection order.