When you contact your roommate the following questions can help start the conversation.

  • What is your Program of Emphasis (POE)?
  • What are you planning on doing at Juniata? (sports, chorus, band, clubs, newspaper, etc.)

Do you plan to bring:

  • Refrigerator—largest size allowed is 4.3 cu. ft.
  • Microwave—largest is 750 watt
  • TV—do you want two in the room? Don’t forget a coax cable.
  • Appliances—must be Energy Star and UL certified.

When will you arrive on campus? It’s good to arrange a time to set up the room together.

During the course of the summer, you will receive an email from Res Life letting you know who your roommate is. If you did not receive this email or may have deleted it, email Res Life to find out who your roommate is.