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Housing accommodations can include but are not limited to medical singles, proximity to kitchen and/or bathroom, dietary accommodations, and first floor living or other housing configurations. If you believe you qualify for a housing accommodation based on your documented disability, please contact your medical provider or mental health professional to discuss your needed accommodations and then move forward with the following steps.

Step 1: 

Download the “Third-Party Professional Form” below and present this required documentation to your physician or mental health professional, so they may complete it. 

Download Form

Step 2:

Complete an application for accommodations in AIM (the Accessible Information Managament portal). You can upload the form from your provider and any other supporting documention at this time as well.  Note: If you have already completed an application in AIM for other accommodations, please do not submit another application. Instead, log into your AIM Dashboard and click on "Additional Accommodations or Documentation". 

Submit Application & Documentation

Step 3:

Once the Director of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) receives your application and documentation, the next step is to schedule a consultation to discuss your request(s). Note: The Director has up to 14 days to review your request(s) and may ask further questions about your documentation or accommodations needed.

Step 4:

If the Director is prepared to approve your request(s) after the consultation, they must confer with the Office of Residential Life regarding the reasonableness of implementation. Upon final approval, the student will be notified by SAS.

Step 5:

Specific room assignments are determined by the Housing Committee including members of Residential Life, Counseling, Health and Wellness, and the SAS Director who make a determination of what room options may best fit the student’s disability-related accommodation. Residential Life then sends the student their housing assignment based on that information.

Step 6:

Students with a housing accommodation must request use of their housing accommodation within the deadlines set for the following academic year housing room draw and selection process. This request process and form will be available every spring to current students with housing accommodations.

Additional Information on "Medical Singles":

If you are approved for a "medical single", you will be receiving a single room for no additional cost. Preference for particular residential halls is not considered unless it relates to the approved accommodation.

Click the link below for more information on College policies and timelines related to living on campus.

Office of Residential Life