Juniata College relies on its alumni and friends to provide for its long-term needs. The future of Juniata is dependent upon endowment contributions - funds that will continue to generate income year after year - making sure that educational opportunities and vital programs will remain in place for future generations of Juniata students. Planned gifts can be a wonderful way to help the College increase our endowment.

How Does a Gift for Endowment Work?

A gift to the endowment fund is a gift to Juniata's future. This money is the principal in the College's investment portfolio that continues to generate income, supporting future generations of students. Only the interest is used by the College, ensuring that the principal will continue to work indefinitely. The College's investment policies are structured to allow the College to satisfy donor goals and to generate sufficient interest over time to grow the principal, keeping pace with inflation. A pledge may be accepted for the establishment of a named endowment. The term from the time the first pledge payment is recorded and the time that the final pledge payment is received must not exceed five years.

View the amounts required to create an endowment.