To support the College in achieving it's mission, Juniata's Compensation Program is designed to be competitive and equitable in order to attract, retain, and engage a diverse group of mission-driven, qualified faculty and staff.

Juniata's Total Compensation includes base pay and a comprehensive benefits package designed to attract and support the needs of faculty and staff. Base salary is just one component of the total compensation package. Other components include:

  • competitive health, wellness, and retirement benefits, generous paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and other perks.
  • In addition to compensation and benefits, the College prides itself on providing faculty and staff with other intangible benefits such as a collaborative work environment, work-life balance, career development, and opportunity to shape the future of Juniata’s students.
  • The College aims to be a desirable place to work and thrive both professionally and personally.

Juniata's Compensation Programs are designed to compensate staff and faculty for fulfilling defined duties and responsibilities. The College balances internal equity with market competitiveness relative to Comparison Markets including institutions of comparable size, type and geographic location, while aiming to be fiscally responsible and attentive to the budgetary resources of the instituation and long-term financial sustainability. Base pay reflects the value of the role both externally and internally, as well as the capabilities and contributions of the individual and is evaluated using benchmark jobs.

  • Faculty pay recognizes an incumbent’s rank, tenure, teaching discipline, and time in rank. Faculty positions fall into one of two tiers, based upon market assessment and discipline. Pay ranges for each tier are evaluated on a regular basis. You can view faculty salary tiers and pay ranges here
  • Staff pay recognizes the content of the work (including responsibilities, scope, and experience/education requirements), skills, time in role, and an employee’s contributions to their department and the College. Staff positions fall into one of eight bands based upon required skills and knowledge, impact to the institutional imperatives, scope of responsibility, and market assessment. Pay ranges for each band are evaluated on a regular basis. You can view staff salary bands and pay ranges here

Juniata is committed to open Pay Communication and education around the compensation program. This transparency is aimed at creating confidence in the compensation program outcomes and decisions. Recent Faculty & Staff Compensation Study Forum slides can be found here

Senior Leadership, Human Resources, Managers, Faculty and Staff each have Roles and Responsibilities to ensure that the program is administered in a consistent, impartial manner. Roles and Responsibilties regarding Staff compensation are detailed in the Staff Salary Administration Guidelines for Managers here. The Provost in conjunction with Senior Leadership and Human Resources administers Faculty compensation.