Meet the Juniata College students that are turning business ideas into reality.


Joseph DiGangi '18

AssureTech at Junita College

Joey DiGangi (Entrepreneurial Marketing Management and Communications) graduated in May and accepted a position with Kdan Mobile Software out of Taiwan. Though he’s accepted a full-time position, Joey will continue to run AssureTech from the Sill Business Incubator and has brought Sophomore, Charlie Kovach ’21, onboard to help. Joey is preparing to test pilot his Minimally Viable Product (MVP), an EpiPen case that sends a text alert to the user if the EpiPen is forgotten or left somewhere. Once the case is separated from the user’s mobile device after a particular distance, the user will get a text indicating they don’t have their EpiPen. With the help of his team, he is making it easier for people with allergies to get help when they need it and to make sure their EpiPen is with them and working properly. 

Joey was offered a position with Kdan Mobile Software where he will help implement the startup of their first US location in Pennsylvania. Kdan Mobile promotes and enhances creativity using digital content creation solutions that enables users to create their own work, and platforms where ideas can be created and exchanged.

Elke Arnesen '21

 Portraits With a Story

 Portraits with a Story at Juniata College

Wanting to exhibit the diversity and a new unapologetic standard of female power, Elke Arnesen created Portraits with a Story. Her company focuses on bringing to light the uniquely defined capabilities in each woman by doing a one-hour photo session, interview, and then drawing their portrait. She also does influencer prints and commission work. Her portraits can be seen on  Instagram (elkearnesen) or on her website

Dallas Huff '19 and Kyle Bargo'18

 Bizi MarketplaceBizi Marketplace at Juniata Coleege

 Realizing the exorbitant cost students pay for textbooks each year, Kyle Bargo and Dallas Huff created the Bizi Marketplace mobile application. This app allows Juniata College students to buy, sell, and exchange products. By signing up with their school emails students will be able to see products listed by their classmates. Huff and Bargo also have reached out to local businesses to support the application with in-app promotions. They feel that the connection between the town and the students deeply benefits both parties involved. Bizi Marketplace will be coming to IOS and Android this Fall.

Maddie Joyce '18

 ProClean and MJoyFit ProClean Juniata College

Maddie Joyce is currently pursuing two business ideas. Since 2016 she has owned and operated a personal training business called MJoyFit. She has partnered with Fit Lab on Juniata's campus offering free Fitness Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-1 pm, Conditioning Classes every Friday from 12-1 pm and also offers one on one personal training. In the past year, she has gained 40 new clients and sold close to $1000 in MJoyFit gear. 

Currently, she is growing the business in West Cape May, New Jersey where she offers private beach training. She has also been busy developing new video content for MJoyFit's social media and website, that will be relaunching this summer.  Check out her Facebook: MJoyFit Personal Training and Instagram: @mjoyfit_.

ProClean is the second business venture Maddie has been pursuing. After two years of research and development, she has created an effervescent cleaner used to sanitize and neutralize odor out of any protein shaker bottles or other drinking containers. What separates ProClean from other products like it is that it does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleaches and is 100% edible. Maddie is currently in the process of test marketing it with several teams and athletes on the East Coast to ensure she makes the adjustments necessary to get ProClean market ready. She will be officially launching the product to the public within the next few months.

Using her connections generated through her previously started business as a certified personal trainer, MJoyFit,  Maddie will begin follow-up interviews to discuss her solution. 
Maddie is continuing to work with JCEL for assistance with her startup. She is currently residing in Cape May, NJ. 

Issac Fisher '19

Dimensions at Juniata College

Isaac Fisher has created a 3D printing business called Dimensions where he creates various products for people throughout the Huntingdon community. Working with Dr. Johnathan Burns (Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Cultural Resource Institute) Isaac has been able to scan and print copies of artifacts from a local site called Sheep Rock Shelter. These copies enable anyone, from elementary school student to seasoned archaeologist, to examine these relics while keeping the originals safe. Check out the story local news station WJAC recently aired about their work. 
Isaac has also worked closely with AssureTech, another JCEL startup, to help develop and print their insulated EpiPen container. In addition to that, he has been busy creating and printing a functional prototype of a tool designed to aid first responders, making attachments for Dr. Richard Hark (Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Chemistry Department) LISB gun which helps analyze metals and printing mounts for various cars.