The number of undergraduates that are enrolled at Juniata for 2007-2008 academic year is approximately 1460. To obtain more information of the enrollment process please visit the Admissions Home Page

The number of undergraduates that live in college owned housing is approximately1198. Visit the home page of Residence Life for more information about college housing.

The following policies are for compliance with the College and University Security Information Act, in dealing with Residence Hall issues:

Types of housing available (on-campus, off-campus, single rooms, double groups, single sex, coed, undergraduate, graduate, married etc.)


  • Juniata College traditional on-campus housing: 7 Residence Halls
  • Juniata College non-traditional on-campus housing: 1 apartment building and 3 houses


Juniata College non-traditional off-campus housing: 2 apartment buildings.

Room Breakdown:

  • Singles: 15 (8 female, 7 male)
  • Double apartments: 6 (gender optional)
  • Triples: 17 (7 males, 7 females, 3 gender optional)
  • Quads: 24 (6 male, 6 female, 12 gender optional)
  • Five persons: 4 (gender optional)
  • Eight person rooms: 24 (gender optional)
  • Eight person houses: 3 (gender optional)
  • Double rooms: 380

Single Sex

1 traditional building and 3 houses (gender optional)


6 Traditional residence halls:

  • 1 Resident hall – coed by rooms
  • 5 Resident halls – coed by floors
  • 3 Non-traditional residence buildings – coed by room


1141 beds available to undergraduate students





A description of the type and number of employees, including security personnel, assigned to the student housing facilities which shall include a description of their security training.

The Office of Residential Life employs 8 Residence Directors and 30 Residence Assistants. All staff receives security/emergency training in the following areas.

  • Emergency contacts
  • Dean of duty notification
  • Medical emergencies, serious accident and death
  • Fire emergency and fire alarms
  • Mental Health emergency and procedures
  • Sexual Assault or rape
  • Natural Disaster
  • Notification to appropriate parties in event of emergency
  • Potential bomb threat
  • Threat to welfare of person or college property
  • Use of Illegal drugs
  • Intoxicated individual
  • Communication equipment
  • Sensitivity and diversity
  • Judicial process/policies and procedures
  • Pathfinder policies and enforcement
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Alcohol and drug training
  • Emergency situation practice
  • Mediation
  • Confrontation / conflict resolution and roommate conflict
  • Key security, locking and keying into rooms
  • Incident reporting
  • Stress periods for students

Room and Hall Changes

Residents must obtain approval from the Office of Residential Life prior to changing rooms. Residents should contact the Office of Residential Life to learn of available spaces. Students moving without proper permission are subject to a fine and/or other disciplinary action.

No room changes will be approved during the first two weeks or the last week of each semester.