The Pathfinder is written and issued by the Dean of Students Office and is designed to provide students with information about the policies, procedures, and services of Juniata College. Faculty and staff are available to provide clarification and/or further information when necessary.

All Juniata students are expected to be thoroughly familiar with the information presented in the Pathfinder. If you wait until a particular situation arises before reading the Pathfinder, you will have greatly reduced its potential. Continued enrollment at the College is considered as acceptance and expressed consent to adhere to the rules and regulations outlined in this and other Juniata publications.

Although we believe the information provided in this document to be accurate and current, changes may occur. The College reserves the right to make changes in regulations, policies, procedures, and other matters as necessary. Students will receive information on any such changes from the appropriate college office. Students enrolled at the College agree to comply with the College's rules and regulations and to accommodate to any changes necessary.

Juniata students wishing additional information concerning matters addressed in the Pathfinder are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office in Founders Hall. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.