Student Governemnt of Juniata College


We, the students of Juniata College, in order to meet the representative needs of all who attend this institution, do establish the Juniata College Student Government. This Student Government shall be an organization dedicated to the communication of student needs and desires to other constituencies of Juniata College, shall convey information regarding the activities of these constituencies to the General Assembly, and shall be responsible for the administration of Student Government funds allocated to campus clubs and organizations.

About us

Student Government serves as the governing body which presides over all student led activities, as well as the main line of communication between students and administration. Student Government appoints students to various committees that deal with policy making, campus life, academic priorities and that oversees the allocation of over $200,000 budget. With this budget, Student Government distributes funds to clubs, organizations and class boards. Along the side of approving RSO’s, creating policies, allocating funds, creating special projects, and ensuring inclusivity. Student government seats two members from the Executive Board on the Board of Trustees.