1.    College events are those funded in part or whole by the College and/or that are held at any College facility.

2.    At College events, alcoholic beverages may be served pursuant to the guidelines below. These guidelines also pertain to any group utilizing College facilities. 

3.    The function must be registered and scheduled in accord with the College’s standard event and facilities scheduling procedures. 

4.    Approval for the use of alcohol at the administrative/alumni function must be specifically requested and the event must be coordinated by a member of the administrative staff.  The event must be approved in writing by the staff member and the Cabinet officer with supervisory jurisdiction over the program.  The event must take place in and be confined to an approved location (see attached listing). 

5.    Personnel from the department/office sponsoring the function must be present to staff the event from start until the published (advertised) close of the event.  At the scheduled event ending, the Juniata staff member will announce that he/she is leaving the event.  The party that is holding the event is responsible for the disposal of recyclables, trash and the clean up of the area.  In addition, the party holding the event and those who purchased the alcohol are responsible for ensuring that all conditions of this policy are met and that all alcoholic beverages are properly secured as soon as the gathering concludes. 

6.    Juniata students invited to and attending the approved function must be 21 years of age or they must wear an event issued wristband showing that they are under-21.  The College, can refuse admittance to anyone it feels appropriate and a proof of age may be required at any time before being granted the permission to consume alcohol at any College event. 

7.    Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available.  Unless explicitly approved otherwise by the Vice President for Finance and Operations, all on-campus event food service will be provided by the College’s contracted food service company. 

8.    The College recognizes that some attendees may not approve of the serving or consumption of alcoholic beverages at events.  For that reason, the times and amounts of alcoholic beverages served must be limited. 

9.    No College funds may be used to purchase alcoholic beverages to be served at college events unless previously approved by a cabinet officer except as part of meals provided to donors, speakers and job applicants.  In all other cases, alcoholic beverages, or the funds required to purchase them, must be donated for that express purpose. 

10.  No charge for alcohol will be permitted or sanctioned.  Juniata does not possess a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania liquor license and cannot sell alcoholic beverages.  

11.  The College will not provide bar service to handle alcoholic beverages.  Such service must be provided by the organization or group sponsoring the event or by the College food service company.  In any event, those providing bar service are not permitted to serve alcohol to anyone who appears impaired and personnel from the department/office sponsoring the function may require that alcoholic beverage service be terminated if in his/her opinion the consumption of alcohol is creating an unsafe condition or is creating an environment contrary to the purpose of the event.


  • President’s residence
  • Ellis Hall:
    • Ballroom
    • Any dining area
  • Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts
  • von Liebig Center for Science:M
    • Main Lobby
    • Sill Boardroom
    • Eshelman Seminar Room
    • Pheasant Lounge
    • Rockwell Seminar Room
  • Oller Center for Peace and International Programs 
  • William Swigart Enrollment Center
  • Kennedy Sports+Recreation Center:
    • Gibbel Lobby
    • Hall of Fame Room
  •  H.B. Brumbaugh Alumni House
  • Carnegie Hall
  • Baker House
  • Raystown Field Station
  • Patrick Lodge
  • Any other facility and any residence hall lounge may be used when specifically approved by President’s Cabinet Member.
  • Any tent location on campus with restricted entrance.