Objective: It is the desire of the Juniata College Museum of Art to establish a Friends of the Museum membership program as a means to generate funds specifically designated for the museum so that it may support specialized functions and contribute to the financial assets of the college. The college would maintain its administrative and fiduciary support of the museum.

The Membership Program will:

  • Generate revenue allocated for the museum
  • Identify a source of docents/volunteers
  • Capture funds from individuals who might not otherwise give to the college
  • Identify potential art donors
  • Enhance efforts to build community development
  • Initiate a pattern of giving among student members as they become future alumni

Money from the Friends of the Museum will support:

  • Additional promotional and advertising materials above and beyond existing levels presently provided by the college
  • Marketing ventures including the sales of postcards, books, greeting cards, etc
  • Cleaning and restoration of works in the permanent collection
  • Purchase of art for the permanent collection

Money from the Friends of the Museum will not support:

  • General operating expenses
  • Staff salaries
  • Building maintenance and repairs
  • Present level of advertising

Marketing Strategy:

  • Principal vehicle: 4-color museum brochure that describes the museum, its collections, outlines the Friends program, and contains a donation form
  • Brochure to be mailed to those on mailing list and will be available at the museum
  • Brochure to be distributed by the Raystown Country Visitor’s bureau
  • Friends program to be advertised in alumni bulletin