An affilitate of Juniata College whose address is located beyond 1700 Moore Street campus boundaries must do the following:

  1. Contact the Huntingdon Post Office at 643-4430 to confirm what your new mailing address will be.
  2. Provide your change of address to your clients and vendors to receive USPS delivery and other package delivery services.  Delivery receipts are the responsibility of the affiliate.  Also, infrom the camus post office of mailing address.
  3. The campus post office is not able to deliver mail beyond the boundaries of campus; therefore you will need to maintain a campus mail box in Ellis Hall.  Please remember to check your campus mail box regularly.
  4. The Juniata College bulk rate permit is for 1700 Moore St. addresses only.  Bulk mail from off campus departments will need to obatain their own Permit.  To obtain a permit for an off campus address, please contact the Huntingdon Post Office at 643-4430.  Bulk permits and renewal fees are the responsibility of the affiliate.
  5. You may process outgoing standard mail at the College post office to be metered or purchase stamps and have charged to your account.

For questions regarding off campus addresses and mail processing, please contact Lori Hughes, College Post Office Supervisor, at 641-3370 or