Original Document Date: 10/09/2000

Last Updated: 03/04/2010 

Access to and use of the database containing donor information is limited to those persons who are current employees or volunteers of Juniata College. Determination of the extent of access to demographic and financial information is determined in relation to role function. 

The following procedures are intended to clarify the people and processes used to create, enhance, maintain and utilize the information contained on the donor database. 


Access to the database and the information it contains is limited to the departments engaged in friend and fund development on behalf of Juniata College.  No information is to be released in whole or in part with any other outside entity or individual, except where such release furthers the fund and friend development activities of the College (i.e., releasing “directory information” -- name and address information -- to volunteers for contacting classmates for College events, activities, or professional networking, releasing mailing information to an outside mailing service for the purpose of a Juniata mailing; providing information to volunteers engaged in fundraising for Juniata; the auditor, etc.).  In the case of a constituent requesting contact information on a fellow constituent for non-College activity-related reasons, the College will not provide the information directly to the requester, but may offer to contact the other party with the requester's information, to allow for communication with former roommates, classmates, or friends. The College will take appropriate actions to insure that all information is utilized in a manner consistent with the intent of the record holder at the time the information was provided.  The Director of Data and Prospect Management must approve any exceptions to this policy.


Donors are entitled to a copy of their own biographic and donation records. Upon request, such records are to be prepared in printed or electronic form and released in a timely manner to the donor.  A donor may pick up the information from the development office, or the information may be mailed or e-mailed dependent upon the donor's request.  No entity or individual, other than those authorized and operating under the policy governing the database, may have access to any records other than their own. Donors may also view their own biographical and donation records with a MyJuniata account.  Those interested in being able to view their own giving history and biographical information should inquire about a MyJuniata account through the Alumni Relations Office or the Alumni Relations Web site.


The Juniata College Director of Data and Prospect Management has the ultimate responsibility for the data information operations and policy regarding the database, its access and use.

The information systems personnel – Benefactor Systems Administrator, Advancement Data Coordinator, Development Accounting/Grant Assistant -- are charged with data upkeep and entry (biographic, demographic, and financial), and with designing and producing reports and labels required by all authorized requesting individuals in a timely manner.  Student assistants that have been hired and trained exclusively for this work may assist them in this.  Other specified individuals within the advancement staff are authorized to enter contact, alumni, or address information.


All report requests should adhere to the Donor & Constituent List Request Policy. All reports containing donor and constituent data must be handled with careful attention to the confidential nature of their contents.  Who sees them, how they are shared, the method of storing and disposing of written and electronic reports should reflect a high level of care for the private nature of their contents. When data is provided to volunteers or staff outside of the Advancement Office, the confidentiality statement shown below (with information changed to reflect the appropriate contact person, if need be) should be included with all electronic documents:

NOTE: This message contains information that is of a sensitive and CONFIDENTIAL nature. It is intended only for the use of the addressee(s) named. You are hereby notified that FORWARDING OR IN ANY OTHER FASHION DISTRIBUTING THIS INFORMATION TO ANY THIRD PARTY WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL FROM JUNIATA COLLEGE, OR USING THIS LIST FOR PERSONAL GAIN IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If there is any question as to how you may use this information, please contact the Juniata College Office of Alumni Relations immediately at alumni@juniata.edu or call 814-641-3441. Thank you.

Information given to volunteers who assist with fund-raising efforts should only include traditionally published giving data, such as society or club membership or the dollar ranges associated with those. Exact dollar amounts shall not be provided to volunteers except under special circumstances granted by the VP for Advancement and Marketing.