May 5, 2008 (original date)

November 9, 2009 (revised date) 

A tree, with accompanying plaque, honoring or memorializing an individual or organization may be purchased for $1,000.  Juniata College student organizations or clubs may purchase a tree at cost to Juniata and a plaque for the current price of a plaque, plus an additional $100 to cover the perpetual care of the tree.

All memorial/honor tree purchases will be coordinated jointly by the Development Office (contact: Pat Musselman, 814-641-3119, and the Grounds Department (contact: Jeff Meadows, 814-641-3396,

Anyone interested in a memorial/honor tree can review the campus tree map and Memorial/Honor Tree policy (on the Juniata website), which will provide a listing of all trees by species and by location and/or information about potential sites to plant a tree, and the guideline for how to do so. 

The donor may select an existing tree planted on campus (see map on Juniata website) or opt to have a tree planted in a defined area, with guidance from the Grounds Department per the campus master plan, that is consistent with other trees on campus.  Native trees are preferred.   

The $1,000 gift includes the cost of the tree, perpetual care of the tree, and a bronze 9”x4” plaque installed near the designated tree.  The plaque will be permanently installed on a pole, cemented on the bottom to increase durability and stability. 

Language for the plaque will be determined by the donor with guidance from the Development office, and will include the common and Latin names of the tree.

All planting and perpetual care of the tree will be completed by the Grounds Department.

All revenue and expenses, directly related to the gift, will be handled by the Development office. The cost of the plaque will be allocated an account in Campus Plantings. The gift will be recorded, allocated, and acknowledged through the Development Office. Please email Pat Musselman for more details.

Juniata will replace the memorial/honor tree if it needs to be removed due to a building project, damage, or disease.